Wardrobe or no wardrobe???

Hey just popping over from the pg forum cuz I thought you guys would be the best ppl to ask this..
Just thinking about getting stuff for the nursery and wondered whether you think a wardrobe is necessary or not? I can't imagine there's much that needs hanging up so is there any point in having one for the few clothes there are?


  • Oh definitely a MUST! Kyra's wardrobe is bursting at the seams. She also has a chest of large drawers and they are full too. It's mostly the stuff people buy for you that you need to worry about. I bought a nice one from Ikea, it looks great in her nursery and it's large enough and not babyish so she can keep it as a teenager too. I'll see if I can find it.xxx
  • Hi, congratulations! We bought stuff that we thought would last so we got a wardrobe with gaps down the side for baskets which I put vests and sleepsuits in (for easy access!!). Didn't think the wardrobe would be any use till he was older but don't know what I'd do without it now! He's 20 weeks and he wears trackie bottoms and T-shirts, coats, jumpers etc so they all need hanging up as it's easier to find. Hope that helps and isn't too waffley! Good luck x
  • I'd say it's a must as well. Both of my two's wardrobes are stuffed full of stuff. As well as clothes they are full of stuff like towels, bits of pushchair, big boxes of nappies etc. all the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. I don't think I'd bother buying a special 'nursery' one though, if you get a normal one that matches your nursery furniture they will be able to use it for years.
  • You will need to sort somewhere out for all the clothes, but we didn't get a proper baby wardrobe. For us it was too much expense and nowhere to put it! We actually use a bookshelf at the moment which is near her cot and has her current size clothes in different piles- vests, sleepsuits etc. Then all the different sizes are packed away ready for when she grows into them. It doesn't look nearly as neat but it works!
  • i would say yes, Charlies is bursting full of clothes i hange up all his outfits and jackets x
  • Oh yes!! Its so nice to see everything hanging up!! Definatly a must!!

  • we jst have drawers 4 my lo, she only has a few dresses that really need hangin up so i put them in my wardrobe other than that everythin else is folded in her drawers
  • We have a chest of drawers for Gabe's stuff. I hate hanging clothes up and I don't iron most of his stuff anyway (unless it's REALLY creased) so I didnt see the point in a wardrobe! xx
  • Lily has a chest of draws and a built in wardrobe. I have stuff in both!
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, I guess a wardrobe it is then!
    Already got one planned for baby's stuff so it means I'm just gonna have to use the bigger bedroom now for the nursery!
  • yes hun we found it's definately a must, we have the clothes that fit at the moment in his chest of drawers and everything else is hung in the wardrobe and i also have a big box at the bottom of the wardrobe full of stuff he's outgrown...for next time hehe! x
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