Does teething and colds come together?

Hey girls,

Amber has been teething on and off since she was 10 weeks. It has got a lot worse over the last couple of weeks, green poos, cheeks on fire, very grizzy, she has a little blister on her lower gum think this might be where the tooth will come, probably take months though I bet!!

Anyway she has got really bunged up and sounds all grunted too poor little thing was up about every 30mins last night im bloody knackered, do they generally come together colds and teething?? She is also a lot sleepier in the day yesterday she had 5hours which for her is a shocker!! She is taking a lot more milk too, im baffled!!!!




  • Hi Amy,

    If your little one is really suffering pop to your GP. It's too easy sometimes to put symptoms down to teething when something else might be up. My 17month old was poorly last week, after 3 sleepless nights I took him to my GP who said he had an ear infection. It wont hurt for your GP to give your lo a quick check up. He/she might even be able to offer some new advice that you haven't tried yet.

    All the best,

  • My mil has always sworn by the idea that teething brings on a cold. iv never believed it but cams got 2 teeth and he had a cold both times!! I agree with denise though, its dangerous to assume symptoms are down to teeth when they could in fact be down to something else completely, better to get her checked out if your worried!
  • My lo never had colds or snotty nose with the 7 teeth that have come thru before but she's just had a cold and another tooth is just coming thru. I think it's a coincidence though cos a cold is a virus so never known how it can be caused by teething.
    I do think lo's can get snotty noses but not caused by cold virus when teething. My sister's lo always gets snotty nose when teething.
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