Am 14 wks PG with No2, and have all the big stuff, pram, cot etc, left over from having DS. So as I don't really need to buy anything I have decided I am going to get a new boucey/rocking chair or a swing.

I had a bouncy chair with DS but have never tried a swing, so just looking for your thoughts /experiences/recommendations on swing or chair???




  • Heya, congrats on your pregnancy image. We had a bouncer that vibrated etc bought for us by the inlaws, however was far to upright for a newborn....so after buying several other bouncers & having the saw probs we went for a swing.....and it's been worth it's money ten fold! It's a pricey item, ours cost ??69.99 from mothercare, but has enabled me to actually do some housework! Booo!! She's napping in it now image and finally at 2 months old is able to sit in her bouncer now without looking like a sack of spuds! It all depends on what you want to spend though Hun, shop around there are loads to choose from. I would recommend a swing though to use from day 1.

    Hope this helps

    CG xxxx
  • I spent ??70 on a M&P's bouncer which was useless. As we'd paid a fortune for it, we did use it on a daily basis but LO just sat/laid in it. To actually get it to bounce you had to put your foot on the base and pump it up and down, highly unpractical.

    If I have another, I'll definitely be buying a swing or a bouncer that actually bounces/vibrates itself. HTH xx
  • I had both a mamas and papas bouncer and swing, I found the bouncer too upright and lo didnt use it until she was about 3-4 months I hated it, I had a swing as well and it was amazing, godsend, if she was upset and I couldnt settle her the swing worked wonders.
  • I bought a mothercare bouncer but it was too upright so we got a fisher price one that vibrated and it was great.
    The upright one came in handy when he was a bit older though, I fed him in there before he could sit up enough to go in a highchair.
    I would personally always get a bouncer over a swing because you can take them around the house with you while you are cleaning/cooking/getting dressed/in the shower etc in the bouncer which you can't with the swing. They are too bulky and heavy to move around.
  • Thanks ladies,

    Price doesn't really matter as I said it's the only thing I am spending out on so am allowing myself to be a bit extravigant (with-in reason)!!!!

    I still have the bouncer from last time which I could still use, although it is abit basic and not sure where the motor thing is, but wasn't much cop anyway. So think I am edging towards a swing!
  • I would definately say swing. Mine has been well worth the money. My LO sleeps in it for daytime naps which enables me to get on with some jobs. He never really enjoyed his bouncer.
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