Hi everyone,

I've always had loads of hair and it's always been quite thick so i never really noticed it getting thicker during pregnancy. However, now (16 weeks since i had my lo) my hair is falling out in handfuls! My bed is covered in the morning and my bathroom is covered in hair.

My hair is quite long, would getting it cut shorter make any difference? Do any of you have any tips on how to reduce the amount of hair that is falling out? I don't want to end up bald! lol.



  • Hey, I've had this badly since having LO, I don't think the time of year helps either (at the risk of sounding like a dog...I usually molt a little more in spring/summer!) like you my hair is very thick and I didn't really notice it getting a lot thicker during pregnancy.

    My hair is long, was below my bra strap, saw my hairdresser for a cut the other week (had it cut to couple of inches below shoulder) and she said that some people loose more than others and 99% of the time those with thick hair loose the most, because they can afford to IYKWIM?! I think it is slowing down now (LO is 20wks), not sure if there's anything you can do to stop it though...maybe take some multivitamins???

    Sorry for ramble...think its bed time!

  • Hi Ladybird and SNAP!
    My son's just coming up 17 weeks and the last couple of weeks my hair is coming out all over the shop. However I did notice when I was about 20 weeks pregnant that it had stopped coming out as normal so I've been preparing myself for this to happen for a long time.
    You won't go bald sweetie - you're just going to end up with the same amount of hair as you would have if you'd never been pregnant. I don't think getting it cut will make any difference as it's all down to hormones.
    It IS quite shocking though isn't it?!
  • Thanks everyone, so there is no magical cure? :P :lol:

    I am amazed at how much is falling out! My hair is everywhere, I am disgusted with the amount of hair i leave behind when i brush my hair or go for a shower! :lol:

    My hair is dark as well so it is really obvious!

    Hopefully it stops soon!

  • Its actually really normal, you dont loose hair during pregnancy due to the hormones!! so it comes out when the hormones are starting to leave your body.

    We have dark floor and I'm blonde so really feel your pain. My LO is 8 months and it stopped at around 6.5 months. Thank god.

  • Its completly normal, while you are pregnant your body produces hormones to prevent hair loss, after you give birth this hormones usually slows down in production by around the 3-4 month mark and the hair which didnt fall out during pregnancy starts to fall out all over the place. There is no magic cure but it does right itself eventually. The best thing I can advise is when you have washed your hair use a comb instead of a brush this causes less breakage and if you can avoid hairdryers and straighteners.
  • Hey LB, it must be the time coz i've just noticed mine coming out in the last week or 2. Like MummyR2B said it doesnt come out during pg. You prob didn't notice during the time that none came out and its just getting back to normal now. Some people can loose loads and loads after birth but for me, ive got loads of hair and its just catching up with the normal fall out and re growth.

    On a plus point my hair grew loads while i was pg!!!

    Gemm x
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