How long do tax credits take?

I had the bright idea of waitin til brooke was 6 weeks old b4 applyin 4 my tax credits so that i'd get it backdated n get a nice little lump sum b4 gettin it weekly! Anyway she's now 8 weeks n i've not heard anythin from the tax credits people yet! I'm still gettin paid from work so i'm not destitute just yet but just wondered if any1 remembers how long theirs took? X


  • Mine took 2 months. I phoned them cos i had not heard anything and a payment was due to be made the next day. They did back date it all.
  • I applied for it when ollie was 8 weeks and it took about 2 months for it to come through.
  • because i already had two all i had to do was call them, and i got a letter through with in 3 days and first payment with in a week x
  • i applied for it when lo was about 8weeks and got it through within 3 weeks which was surprising as it was over xmas as well
  • mine also took two months to come through and it was back dated so had a nice lil lump sum x
  • Mine took about 2 weeks as I already had a child, so they just added Jack onto claim.

  • mine took about 5-6 weeks to come through, but i phoned them alot, so might be worth you ringing them and checking on it image xx
  • Mine took about 4 weeks. I didnt apply til LO was 6 weeks old. Didnt send the form back til he was 12 weeks, silly mommy. I didnt have any probs at all with them. Gotta tell them im going back to work soon.
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