baby portraits anyone?

Ok, apologies if this is cheeky but I thought I might give this a try.
I'm a bit of an artist (not professionally trained - fell pregnant 2 months before going to art college) and only work on saturdays so I've got the week to myself which gets very dull. So I was wondering if any of you ladies with newborns wanted a hand-drawn portrait of your little ones? I can work in pencil, coloured pencil, marker pens, oil and acrylic paint.
I have a website, heres the link so check it out. Or you can look at my artwork album on facebook:
Here's a commission I did for my mum's colleague who has recently had a baby:

So if anyone wants one done, I'm not expensive and I get them done pretty quickly, depending on how many other commissions I have going on at the time, so send me an email or whatever.


  • I can't access your facebook album. But I've had a look at your website and I love your work. For baby portraits, do you work from photos or from real life? Can you email me to give me an idea of price, please? I've enabled the email button under my posts.

  • Wow, you are incredibly talented and I'm def interested. I have the same questions as the previous lady image x
  • the facebook link dosnt work x
  • Hi Laura

    They are beautiful. Like the other posts it would be really great if you could give me a rough idea on prices.

    To save continually responding individually would it be easier to post some example costs based on the different types or sizes?

  • you are very talented!! I'm very interested, please can you give me an idea of price please... thanks x
  • Prices:

    Pencil Drawing
    A4 - ??20
    A3 or bigger - ??30
    If you require a different size or shape I will give you an individual price.

    Coloured Pencil
    A4 - ??30
    A3 or bigger - ??40
    Again, different sizes or shapes will give you a different price.

    Acrylic Painting
    Paper - ??35
    Canvas - ??50

    Oil Painting
    Board - ??60
    Canvas - ??80

    For paintings, if you want something really big (ie bigger than A2) I would charge more because of the cost of using oils (they're not the cheapest things in the world).
    All my prices are based on material costs and, of course, my time.
    If you have any questions, please ask.
  • What do you need to be able to do the picture, is it just a photo emailed. i really need to get a pic done of my youngest son as my mother in law done pics of my older two and they are on the wall sadly she passed away so wasn't able to do one of our new baby and i feel guilty not having one of him on the wall.
    also what method of payments would you except
  • if you can send me two or three photos of your LO so i've got an idea of what they look like at different angles etc, but tell me which one you want me to use in particular that would be good. and I can accept paypal and personal cheques. xxx
  • ok, im not sure if you would be able to do this or not, but im wanting a pic of all three of my kids together but as them all as small babies, i only really have the one pic of each of them at that stage looking the way i would like and for one of them the quality isnt very good, im not sure if im really explaining this well so i have photo shopped the three pics together as best i can just to give you an idea, and to see if you would be able to do it.

    I would like it done in pencil and A2 if possible, would you be able to get back to me and let me know if you are able to do the kind of thing im after and how much it would cost x

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