right so its not a phase what it it?

for 8 weeks now LO has been regualry waking in the night, sometimes hourly, at first i thought it was the 4 month phase but its not going, he doesnt want any milk and is not too hot/cold not in pain i just have no idea why he keeps waking, when i put his dummy in he goes back off but soon wakes again, he is not upset but kind of shouting, for weeks i have done the slient go in put in dummy straight back out but its made no difference, he goes to bed well and is fine until 1/2am, he has 2 daytime naps a 2 hour nap late morning and a short nap mid afternoon

any ideas?


  • Hi hun
    what does he do if you leave him to it? x
  • Is it crying shouting or just vocal shouting if you see what I mean? How long do you leave it before you go in? Could it just be that he knows shouting = mummy. I'm not advocating controlled crying - if he is crying go and comfort him - but is it just noise that you could ignore and let him self settle for a few minutes? Have you tried a comforter that smells of you (cloth etc).

    I'm no expert on this at all but just a few ideas.
  • i agree with cp if just shouting let him work away although im assuming he cant put his wee dummy back in himself yet???? if it is a phase you'll find he'll stop it as suddenly as he starts it and they will do things like this as they grow lol they like to keep mummy on her toes!!!! lol xx
  • Sorry I don't have any advice but I will be keeping an eye on this thread as my lo does the same!
    He is 15 weeks and has been "sleeping through" since 7 weeks old (fed at 7ish, bed at 8ish then awake in the morn between 7am and 8am) but also does the waking thing around 3am then again at 4-5am but all I do is put dummy in and he's bk to sleep there's no reason for him to wake??!
    I'm not complaining too much but it's tiring keep getting up and down when there isn't really need to isn't it! X
  • could it be that he is waking because the dummy isnt in? will he go to bed without a dummy and see if there is any change? If not then i would say the same as the others if he is not crying for anything and just being vocal i would try and leave him to it and he is probably getting used to you going in you will be surprised how clever and quick they learn things and it becoming a new part of the routine x
  • he was sleeping through from 12-15 weeks, he is teething now and has been since 15 weeks and only one tooth! :\(

    i can only leave him on a weekend so it doesnt wake hubby up but i am becoming vary aware of my return to work and how no sleep and 12 hour shifts plus a long commute wont mix!

    sometimes he will drop back off as i do this at nap time and know when he 'needs' me as its a different cry but it is very difficult when hubby needs his sleep, sometimes it is purely really loud chating, can be wineing too x
  • Hi lizzie starting waking gain in the night around 4 months and then we started weaning and once up to 3 meals (small ones) she started sleeping better for a few nights then i messed around with her bedtime and OMG i paid the price! anyway yesterday i decided to put her down awake in her cot for a nap and it worked (perviously only having 3 10min cat naps all day) and she slept for an hour! it did take 25 mins and me going back in 3times to give her her dummy until she feel asleep but it worked.
    so last night she was fed at 9pm for last bottle and then i changed her nappy and put her in her cot awake and she feel off to sleep no problem until 7:15 this morning i didnt even have to go back in at all. (well i go in and check on both girls befor i go to bed)
    we have been out all day today but have put her down in cot awake again tonight after last bottle at 9pm and she is sound asleep!
    do you put LO down awake or do you wait until he is asleep first?
    if you dont put him in cot awake i would give it a go but start with nap time. this is only the 2nd night of trying this so will let you know if last night was afluke in the morning!
    good luck x
  • since he went in his big cot he has gone down awake.the getting to sleep is fine its the staying asleep :lol:
  • Could hubby use ear plugs for a while hun? Just so you can get this sorted before you return to work? Dylan had a chatty phase and still chats to himself from anywhere between 5 and 6am for about an hour till he's ready to get up, but the moaning I describe as chinese water torture it really is an attention thing! We tended to ignore the chatting and moaning/ whineing and only go into need me cries it only took a week- 10 days till he was consistently sleeping through again, bar when he was teething and therefore crying

    Im jealous of your tooth though hes been teething since about 15 weeks and still no teeth grrrrr!!!!!

    Good luck hun xxx
  • Very very long shot buuuuuut, do you have anything in the cot that could stimulate him? A mobile or any toys?

    I always have the mobile on the cot for 'decoration' during the day and inbetween naps (im a weirdo lol) and when lo goes down I take it away. I left it overnight once though and heard lo chatting away to his little zebras at like 3am. Theyd obviously cast a shadow and in his sleepyness stimulated him and he starting playing with them?? is it maybe that? When you go in is he chatting away to nothing or is he looking at something? god I sound demented lol x
  • well last night was better just one trip, i listened to him 2 times and he went back to sleep after 5 mins or so, he has a playground in his cot :lol:

    he has a ceiling light show, a water show and a pull toy, i havent thought of taking them out, he plays with them in a morning before he decides to get up, might be worth a try, mights go gey hubby some earplugs too!
  • Hi Hun, my LO did this, it got to a stage where we were going into him at least 6-8 times a night (that was a good night). This was from about 3 months until he was 5 months. Anyway, we got a sleep lady in and she suggested taking his dummy away as i think it was that waking him up maybe when it fell out. Plus then CC if need be. I didnt like the idea but was prepared for it.
    That night, put him to bed with no dummy and he slept 10 hours. The following night, 11 hours and then 12 hours and he's done that ever since. We do get odd nights where he wakes up and grumbles but he settles himself now.
    I'm not saying its the answer but it worked for us.
  • i was just about to suggest ear plugs for you OH!! Mine sleeps like a total log so even if Rafferty was screaming for hours he wouldnt hear him!
    I had this a few weeks back when Raffy would wake up at about 5am having an indepth chat with himself, it was waking me up and initially i would go in and tuck him in again but after a few nights i though i would leave him to it and he stopped when he knew he wasnt going to get an early morning visit from mummy!!
    Fingers crossed he soon breaks the habit and you get a good nights sleep again!
  • Hi hun,

    We had a similar prob when H was this age. Putting him asleep without his dummy improved it tenfold. I would really recommend it. Hope you get it sorted before you go back to work xx
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