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i have just started to offer LO a dummy as he has colic and trouble dozing off, so i offer only when he crying and uncomfortable, it is helping and sometimes he doesnt want it and spits out which is fine as only want him to have if really has too.
i have two questions, what can i do when he accidently spits ou? is this something he will just learn? he is 6 wks old.
also a friend said i shouldnt give him a dummy as it delays talking and causes speach problems? is this true i havre never heartd this before now



    I wrote you a big reply and it got eaten by the BE monsters it basically said:-

    My lo is 3 weeks and I use a dummy for her colic as it settles her, the HV advised this as new NHS guidelines say falling asleep with a dummy actually helps prevent cot death. She did say once lo spits it out to leave it out, but I find that sometimes Niamh spits it out by accident and then she looks around for it so I give it back to her.
    She did say you should try and stop using it at 6 months but I forgot to ask why.

  • I think te main danger is with children continuing to rely on dummies as they get older, so removing by 6 mths aviods the more difficult removals. They can be really helpful with teething at that age. Main thing is to try and not use it all the time as I think for some parents they automatically stick it in their mouths all the time unless they are eating. Many contributors have seen older toddlers still talking through their dummys which isn't ideal.

    I don't have any advice for the accidental spit outs. If I'm cuddling lo I do tend to put his head to my boob so he can't spit it out and drop it when I need both hands.
  • Hi i was told that if they usually suck it contendly and then they keep spitting it out they are hungry. otherwises its just there jaw muscles getting used to sucking.

    I have always only used them to settle them to sleep I know others dont agree but my twins who are just two still have them at nighttime and it hasnt delayed their speech but then they are only sleeping with it and not talking.

    TBH it wld be easier if lo gave it up earlier as now i think its gonna be a battle to get it of them but my lo's have always slept 12 hours at night and im a bad mummy as im scared of disturbing that

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