"we should train our children like we train our dogs"

Did anyone just see Edwina Currie giving her tuppence worth on child-rearing on the BBC?

Monty is six months and still doesn't roll over. NOW I know where I've been going wrong. "roll over Monty, roll over". Seriously though, hubby and I just watched her on BBC. What annoyed me most was my husband nodding along in agreement. Grrr. I pointed out to him that children learn from example. I think the biggest problem is that adults don't show respect for others - how earth will children of such adults grow up as respectful people if they have no lead to follow? I then went on some more.....and more.... and more! I think he learnt that I have some very strong opinions about how things are going to be around here!

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  • Lol! She is a bit of a divvy isn't she? My claim to fame is that when I was a child my dad and I were on a train from Scotland to London and Edwina Currie was sitting opposite us and I told her that she had messy hair and that my daddy had just had an operation on his penis so that he and mummy couldn't have any more babies!

    Anyway, I didn't see the programme today so didn't hear what she said. Obviously the comparison between children and dogs is rediculous but I do think that if some people (especially some men) put the same time, dedication and concern into raising thier children as they do into training thier dogs the country would be in better shape! It never fails to baffle me to see grown men cooing over big ugly mutts when they have barely had a conversation with thier own sons!

  • Monty is six months and still doesn't roll over. I pointed out to him that children learn from example.

    this made me laugh! i had visions of you rolling over to show him what to do!!! :lol:
  • I saw the programme, the title is absurd but her main point was that children need boundaries and rules and discipline, something I actually agree with. I think by comparing children to dogs and saying she used a dog training book as the basis to her parenting meant a reasonable point got lost though!
  • I didn't see the programme but i don't see anything wrong with applying the same general principles.

    i agree with dylansmummy re boundaries, rules and discipline. I do also agree that children learn by example to some extent but this isn't always the case. For example a parent could be very mild mannered and polite to the extent that they aren't frim with their child. If the child has a similar personality then they could well follow in the parent's footsteps but if the child is a more feisty, boisterous individual they might constantly push the boundaries and become, for want of a better word, a bratt.

    I actually think animals and children respond well to firm guidance, constistency and boundaries. I look after my dog as an owner, i'm not a fellow pack member and in parenthood i'll be aiming to be a parent, not the child's best mate.

    I think i'll draw the line at resorting to Barbara Woodhouse though!
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