LO who is laughing in my face???

My DS is 9.5 months and has always been a great sleeper, his day time naps have always been so straight forward...put him in cot in the dark and he goes straight to sleep (sometimes had a little crawl around and then nodded off) but the last week he has been taking up to 45mins to go to sleep! he just stands up and when i go in to lay him down he laughs at me! he is not unhappy at all and doesnt cry he just thinks its hilarious! yesterday i didnt go back in at all until i heard a strange noise and he was standing in his cot scratching the wall with his nails (cringe!!!) he only has 1/2 hour in the morning and 1.5hrs in the afternoon so he should be tired as he is on the go all day!
is this just a phase (please god) the morning nap is now really late which has a knock on effect on his afternoon nap! today i put him down at 1pm and he is still awake!

What would you suggest ladies?


  • no help here i'm afraid but sympathy as i'm going through the same thing. DD is 9 months next week and now hates to nap she screams blue murder if you even walk into her room during the day now and then proceeds to have a full on ttoddler style paddy (think that supermarket advert where the kids is on the floor!) even though she can barely keep her eyes open sometimes she still does it.

    tbh i tend to just do what i do at bedtime and leave her to play/have a paddy/ standing and bounce in her cot til she falls asleep now.

    i have found that she is putting herself (sort of) into a new routine and she has learned alot of new things lately so i'm hoping this is just a phase and will wear off soon.

    sorry to be no help but just wanted you to know you're not alone with a non napping baby! lol
  • thanks for your reply jemmykins, and lets have hope that it is just a phase as they are such similar ages??? (trying to convince myself!!!)
    Rafferty has also learnt an awful lot recently and is generally more into EVERYTHING! he is standing most of the day and is more adventurous so i think this is just taking its toll on his inablility to switch off! thankfully at bedtime he is out like a light...
    (am i going to regret saying that!!???)

  • emmy is exactly the same at the min hun, learning to cruise, crawling all over, she never stops, and i know alot of the jan babies who have learned alot of late are also being a bit of a pain with their sleeping too so i'm just going to keep believing it's a phase for as long as possible! lol
  • It is thankfully just another phase. My son is 10mo and does this, recently escalating since he has been able to stand unaided as he is now practicing in his cot. If I lie him down he laughs. Just keep at it and stick to your routine as much as possible. Sometimes my son will fall asleep standing up or sitting up and I just lie him down more comfortably so that he sleeps better.

    My son's morning nap started running later too (it's now 2hrs and he wakes 1130/1145am) so his (1hr) afternoon nap can run quite late as a result. Since receiving advice, I just go with it and still put him down after 3.5-4hrs (which is the awake time they should be able to cope with having at 9/10months). Sometimes it means I have to put him down later in the evening (8/830) but I just go with it and it works. Its better than trying to put him down when he isnt tired yet cos he will take ages to go off to sleep and get stressed over it cos he is undertired so there's no point.

  • DS1 was about 9 months when he decided he only needed 1 nap during the day.If we were out & about in the morning he would sometimes drop off but if we were at home he'd just refuse to sleep. He would then have about 2-2.5 hours after lunch.

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