healthy or unhealthy?

Just wondering your opinions about different foods. for example my mil said not to give my lo raisins because they are too sugary and my mum thinks yogurt it a dessert/treat whereas I think it's a good source of calcium and vitamins. If I gave Louise finger foods then yogurt she wouldn't eat but but if I give it to her first then she eats everything. My mum also keeps saying that she'll only give louise 'good' things when she looks after her.......

Organix corn snacks (carrot, tomatoe, sweetcorn)

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  • Hey,
    I battle with this as I am so worried lo will have a sweet tooth like oh and end up fat like me.
    So I'm big on pushing the veg, fruit and meat. It works to some extend as his favourite is basil, spinach and parsnip!Yoghurts only appear every other day as a pud and suprise suprise he LOVES them! He's had a biscotti once and chips and a biscuit thanks to flippin' pil!
    I think you have to do whatever you think is best and what works for you and Louise. The list we have going on in July08 forum shows Louise has a very varied and tastey diet so if she has certain foods at your Mums you know she'll catch up (if that makes any sense!!) when she's back with you.
    Not sure that answers the question but hope it helps!
  • even though raisins are sweet there still healthy just as long as its not a huge amount there eating aswell as the others i would class them healthy,my son has a yogurt and breadsticks everyday

  • hi, i think this is fine. jack also loves yogurt and rather than seeing them as something bad i think they are a good source of calcium. at least your lo is not eating loads of chocolate and stuff like that, think then you'd have to worry. your list seems absolutely fine to me, it's very similar to what jack has.
  • Omg Gabe has biscuits and yogurts every day. He has chocolate buttons once or twice a week. This was his lunch today: Homemade brocoli soup (he loves this), yogurt, biscuit. My parents restricted my 'junk food' and it hasn't done me any favours, I dont intend on making junk food into 'treats' cos IMO thats where the problem lies in weight problems in later life (at least in my case) so Gabe is gonna have a balance of healthy stuff and not so healthy stuff!

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  • yea i'm definitely with tiger lily on this one, i didn't have that much junk food when i was younger and i've certainly made up for it now - ha ha x
  • Maybe I'm making it worse for Alf? Just don't want him to be HUGE like me! He has yogs every other day as he has fruit things so its not boring too having the same things every day. Maybe I need to re think? You ladies always meke me think! x
  • Mum to 1 - i know what you mean, everything on here always makes me think too but i think as long as we are doing what we think is best for our lo's then they will be absolutely fine, it is so easy to worry about the slightest little thing because we just want the best for them. x
  • These are not the only things she eats btw! lol


    Louise is still breastfed as well as her 3 meals a day plus snacks. But she wont take milk from a bottle - either formula or ebm, offering her it when i'm not there. She has gone from 10am till 6.30pm once during the day happily without milk becuase I wasn't there. I spoke to my hv about this being a problem when I return to work for just 1 day a week.
    As well as suggesting watering down formula and giving it to her in a beaker and gradually increasing the amount of formula, she said that aslong as she's getting calcium rich foods like cheese and yogurts during the day it would be ok for her to only have her breastmilk morning and night that day.
    So - how to I convince my mum that this is ok and that yogurt is good for her in this situation? (my mum thinks I should just move her to formula and then she could have her overnight for me too every now and then. )
  • Oh and I should have said once I could buy my own chocolate and sweets I used to buy far too much looking back on it and my brother has a sweet tooth now so my mum being strict on us with sweet things didn't have the effect she wanted!
  • tallkatie - I gave Louise a couple of milkybar buttons......she did like them but I daren't tell either set of grandparents that!
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