I finally figured out how to upload a pic! hope its the right one!!?? Its our 1st time at a mother and baby group 2mrw so don't know what to expect?? How will I know if its right for my son or me?? I've picked one that sounded the most friendly...I also picked one that I'm hoping has got a mix of different races because my area is mostly one race and I would like my son to be around a mix of people.Its a drive away instead of a walk. Have I done the right thing?? Do these things matter??


  • dont worry! Any mother and baby group will be great for your son to learn how to socialise. I wouldnt worry about deliberatly choosing one with a mix of different races because your son will see a mix of people all the time and will generally grow up thinking nothing of seeing someone with a different color skin. You'll know if its right or not by whether you feel comfortable there. You wont always enjoy the first visit because you might not know lots of people but most groups will always encourage new members, keep going for at least 3 or 4 visits and if you still dont enjoy it on the 4th visit, maybe choose another one. You could always go to more than one, Theo and I go to 3 a week and really enjoy them.
    Have fun!
  • thank u 4 replying. yeah ur rite sometimes I get bit paranoid because of where we live I start thinking he'll never come across different people. I'll see how it goes 2mrw x
  • He looks gorgeous image
    I started going to one on thursdays when Gabe was 5 weeks old and he's now 8 months. My neighbour invited me (she has a 13 month old) otherwise I probably would never have gone! I really like it, it's a chance for Gabe to play with other babies and new toys. Last time he was grinning at one of the little girl babies and tickling her feet! So cute.
  • Awww thats nice. Feeling more up for it now. Thanx 4 replyin. Ya pic so cute!
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