fao tiger lily

hi hun just thinking about gabe is he doing is any better are the antibiotic working hun
big hug
carrie faith


  • Hi hun, thanks for asking after us! The antibiotics have done a grand job and he is fine thanks. His runny nose has cleared up too and he's had that aaaages. Was better by christmas day and had a great time playing with the wrapping paper. He is still not really eating solids except finger foods, but is drinking lots of milk so not too worried. how's Faith & the boys? xx
  • she doing better she finshed her streoids yesturday she weezing a bit she off her food and milk but she starting eat a bit more today the boys love all ther toy even faith haa take a likeing to ollie lightsaver wont gabe get for christmas
  • Oh god he got loads: some lovely new clothes including a gorgeous cardie and matching hat off his grandparents, a footie strip lol, a new rocker chair, a vtech walker, bath toys, stacking toys, shape sorter, a steering wheel lol, this vtech bear that 'talks' (which he LOVES), lots of cuddly toys including a nice big teddy we got him to keep in his cot. He seemed happy with them didnt know where to look! xx
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