Height of cot base

Before our daughter was born when we put her furniture up we noticed that if the cotbed base was in the highest position then the cot mobile touched the mattress, so we just put the base down to the next level. We've just moved her into her own room and into the cotbed and have just left it on the middle level.

Is there any other reason apart from to save your own back that it should be on the highest level to start off with?

I can't think of anything but thought I'd ask incase I'm missing something!

NN xx


  • Emilia has been on the middle level since she got home back in May. Purely because we have the mosquito net over the cot and I felt the mattress was too close to it.

    I think the only reason they have different levels is as you say to save your back. xx
  • our cot was given to us and is 15 years old. It has no top level, just a middle and bottom, so I guess it's something they've developed to help your back??

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