Why is he waking 3 or 4 times a night crying ?

Hi, for the last 4 nights Archie has been waking up 3 or 4 times through the night crying. It's literally like he opens his eyes and cries. I don't even know if he's really, completely awake.
He's not hungry and as soon as you comfort him he goes back to sleep. Usually I just shush and pat him and if that doesn't work give him his dummy. But 2 seconds later he's sleeping agian. I would have thought that if he was in pain, teething etc he would need more than just a shush etc.
Even when he was hungry and being fed in the night he never woke crying. He only cries in the night if he wakes, gurgles away for 15mins or so and no one goes to him, then he cries.
Any ideas, Ta. S x


  • I'd still be inclined to think it could be teething pain, hon. Not all out teething obviously, but they could be shifting around and irritating him enough to stir but not wake properly. My lo sometimes gets this too
  • Thanks, I just assumed he might be more unsettled if it was his teeth. We'll see how we get on tonight and if it's still the same then I'll try calpol, gel, powder etc tomorrow night. Fingers crossed for tonight, I'm knackered ! S x
  • hi my Lo has started doing this this week also ... just wondering if its okay to give calpol as im not sure its teething pains? shes putting her toungue on her lower gums alot and slobbering .. she seems alot more clingy!? im so tired as i bet you are Suz ... im just worried about giving her calpol... silly i know ...

    charlie xx
  • teething, growth spurt??? I think they wake up and get a shock/scare from the pain and just look to you for comfort.

    A growth spurt would be a niggling pain so would unsettle them but a reassuring shush may be enough to send them back to sleep? x
  • Could just be growing pains, they grow so fast babies can get muscel pains. You could try baby massage before bed and see if it helps.
  • Only 2 cries through the night last night and he seemed to sleep a lot more soundly. I usually hear him waking and moving about then going back to sleep but not last night.
    Will look out for other teething symptoms but to be honest he chews everything and dribbles constantly anyway so not sure if I'll notice a difference, lol. S x
  • Theo is exactly the same! On the odd night he sleeps through but he usually wakes up at least 3 times for his dummy or because he's cold but never has a feed in the night now.
  • Teagan has been doing this since Christmas, pretty much every night. It's not often for a feed, mostly just wants her dummy then drops straight back off to sleep. It's annoying because she used to be such a good sleeper and I can't find a reason for it.
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