Help RE xmas food!!

I am writing my shoppin list for food over xmas and am stuck. can anyone offer a load of suggestions. i am going to night and i dont want to go back. i hate supermarkets at the best of time!!

Anyone help>??


  • i can't have christmas without DIP... yum yum. with cucumber sticks or crisps. also pigs in blankets are a must have. lets have a think.... um.... the obvious snacky things are mince pies i guess. it depends what sort of food you're buying!
  • we couldn't beleive how busy sainsburies was at 9.30 last night!

    how about....

    crackers and cheese
    mince pies - dont forget cream.....
    crisps and nuts
    meat and veggies
    pastry to make things with left overs
    a nice breakfast for xmas day - we're having eggs, bacon and toast
    lemonade etc
    dont forget milk and bread
    we always make sure we have bits for making bread - there was a lack of bread last night, got last decent loaf!
    sausage rolls and other frozen snacks

    does that help??
  • ooo yeah. need nuts, bacon, got all the stuff for xmas dinner on my list, got mince pies. dint like xmas pud. Mmmmm chips and dips! I can taste it all now!! yum yum xxx
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