Dermoid cyst on ovary anyone?

When I was pg I was diagnosed with a dermoid cyst on my left ovary at my 12 week scan. It caused me no problems whatsoever through the pg. Had a scan today and it is still there - hasn't grown at all and is still 5cm.

Just wondering what happens next? I'm assuming the consultant will want to remove it. What kind of op is it? Is it done under GA? Will I lose that ovary? Other thing is, I had a c-section - not sure if that affects anything?

Thanks all!

K x

PS I realise the consultant will tell me all of this - I'm just being impatient and seeing what I can find out from you lovely ladies!


  • i had a dermoid tummor removed in 2000 under a GA and was an operation bigger than a c section (had that too) because mine was 10cm i had half the ovary removed and the remaining half has shrivelled up.

    when do you go and see the consulatant?
  • Hiya, I had one removed couple of years ago it was about 5cm. They will probably try to remove it via belly button first rather than cutting you open. If that doesnt work they may go over your c section cut and do it that way. I had a cut where they cut you for section. They removed cyst and i kept my ovary. It was under GA and i was in hospital couple of nights. If you need owt else, just e mail me. x
  • Thanks guys. That gives me some idea - the op sounds maybe a bit bigger than I thought. sleepybeccie - have private med through hubby's work so hope to see a consultant in next 2 or 3 weeks.
  • I had two dermoid cysts removed in 2006, one from each ovary. They were about 7cm and 10 cm respectively and one of them had hair and teeth in it.

    The op was the same as a c sec for me, but under GA, with the same sort of recovery time.

    They didnt find mine till they did a laproscopy, i was hospitalised in total agony for 3 days before they found them. (didnt show up on scans or x rays) Mine was a worse case scenario though as there were no signs of them and they were causing pain. If you're not getting any pain from yours i'd guess they will try to remove them through a laproscopy first under GA and only reopen you if they really need to.

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