I have to say that I am ashamed to have these idiots living in my county! If they could remove themselves from the collective gene pool it'd be a start!
Honestly what is the world coming to, there aren't words to describe these people (using the term people in the looses sense of the word) well there are but I shant repeat them on here there could be babies listening in as they sleep.

Hope everyones babies are happy and healthy


  • Sickening that poor little girl our world makes me so angry x
  • some people just dont deserve to be parents!!
  • Exactly, they don't deserve to be parents. How is it that you need a license to have a dog but any old idiots can have a baby.
  • Can't believe that they were only charged with cruelty!!! Why did they remove the charge of manslaugter?
    Absolutely shocking!!
  • The baby was probably going thrugh withdrawal so they might have thought it would help.....? Completely shocking, poor little one.

    There was a case recently where a guy used a babywipe to block the little ones bum to stop it from pooing and ending up doing serious damage and the little one died. I felt so sorry for that lo's mum.

    Babies are hard to look after and some people can't cope/ don't have any sense. Got to feel sorry for them too if theydidn't mean it any harm.

    Its just really sad all round.

  • cruelty? they got charged for cruelty? the poor mite died! ffs, that should be murder, nvm manslaughter! wtf?! appalling!
  • Someone posted about another case the other day, in Edinburgh I think. I was so saddened reading it.

    But just watching the video of them walking out of court has made me so angry - so brazen! Smoking fags! And sorry, but her outfit?? I cannot imagine how I would feel if I was responsible for the death of my lo like that!

    And yes, why on earth was the manslaughter charge dropped? Sometimes there is no justice.

  • G/C - I am also from Glos and am appauled, these people don't deserve the title of parents.
    I echo everything Tottie said, in my eyes they are pure scum.

    MrsH xx
  • some people should just be sterilized imo.

    how can this just be cruelty when the poor baby died?

    Our "justice" system if thats what you call it needs a massive overhaul.
  • WHY were they allowed to keep the baby!?!?! why didnt social services do their bloody job and take that poor little girl away!!! grrrrrrr!!!!
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