Black coating on LO's tongue??

David seems to have a black coating on his tongue, he doesnt seem unwell, infact hes very happy considering he had his 3rd lot of injections today, no temperature or anything, he seems fine... anyone got any ideas?


  • This cant be right hun... I have never seen this before i would take your LO to GP or practice nurse tomorrow...
  • hey hon, i agree it doesnt sound right. Maybe u could call NHS direct (0845 4647) just to see what they say but i've not heard of this before.
    let us know how u get on x
  • i just googled it and found this

    Three things come to mind here. The black tongue can be due to bismuth (Pepto Bismol ingredient), but this is seen more in adults and babies usually don't have exposure to bismuth. Secondly, it could be the indication of a thrush infection and should be discussed with your pediatrician. Thirdly, and most commonly, is build up of debris that gets caught on the tongue. One old fashioned fix for this still rings true today. You can make a diluted mix of water and Adolph's Meat Tenderizer (or any store brand that has the enzyme compound papain in it). Rinsing with a small amount usually clears up the black coating. It's a fairly common condition and once a thrush infection is ruled out, it's really nothing to worry about."
    hope that helps, but i agree you should get it checked out
  • cheers girls, ill ring gp today xxx
  • You're sure he hasn't been at the red wine? ;\)
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