Tens Machine?

Hi ladies,

I'm due to have my first on 30th June, and have been looking into hiring a tens machine to use during labour. I wondered if any of you had used a tens machine, and if so, which one did you use?
Also, would you recommend them for the pain relief?

I'm hoping to have as little pain relief as possible (fingers crossed!) and go with G&A and the tens machine, so was just hoping for a little bit of advice!

Leanne (36+2) xx

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  • I would recommend TENS as pain relief - I got to about 9cm using one & overall used TENS, G&A and a birthing pool as pain relief. I bought the lloyds one but it broke (luckily just before taking it off to get in pool!) so I wouldn't recommend that brand, I think mamatens is meant to be good though. Good luck xx
  • we hired mamatens! it was great!
  • I had the Elle TENS (hired through Mothercare) and used just that and G&A. I had a rather monitored labour due to meconium in my waters, but I think those provided enough pain relief - along with a positive mental attitude!
    Good luck!

    Jana & Jakob 4+1 x
  • Bought a mamatens - was on offer on Amazon, so keep an eye out! Would definitely recommend! Quick tip - buy an extra pair of TENS pads, as sometimes with jumping in and out of the shower/bath/birth pool, the stickiness wears off and it can be really annoying - a fresh pair comes in really handy
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