When too old for the door bouncer??

Hi my lo is 7 months today. Just wondering roughly what age should you stop putting them in the door bouncer. I threw away the instructions that came with it so don't know when he will be too big for it!
Many thanks xx


  • Sorry......... I dont have an answer, but I just had to say ... the avatar pic is SOOOOOOOOO cute xxx
  • Thanks Kelly149 :\)

    That's good then that the door bouncer will have quite a few more months of use then!
    Palmtree- Aw thank u, i think he is a lil cutie too but im biased! :lol:

    I see your lo has the same love of chocolate as me! great pic!

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  • my lo is nearly 11 months now and he used to love his door bouncer but now he hates it as he would much rather be cruising the furniture lol!
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