My little boy is teething and i ahve tried most things but nothing seems to help him. The only thing that actually does seem to clam him down is nurofen.

Any tips mums??


  • What have you tried?
  • i have tried the gels, ashton and parsons powders, teething rings, cold carrot, giving him his milk, nurofen.....at the moment the only thing that seems to touch it a little bit is the nurofen.

    What ahve you tried?
  • Get some Nelsons Teetha granules. They are heaps better than ashtons & stop the pain almost instantly. They arne't cheap, at ??4.20 for 24 sachets but well worth it.

    Apart from that, Medised was much better for my son than Nurofen, esp at night.
  • where can you get them from? i went to the pharmcy the other day and they said the only ones they stock are ashton and parsons. do they work?? can you get the online at boots?
  • I get from Boots & all my locals chemists do them, also sell them in waitrose, sainsbury & tesco.
  • where do you live? i live in devon dont seem to get much down here lol
  • they have them online so i will order some. thank you very much for your comments.
  • Hope they work, my son cut 6 teeth in a row so from Mid december till mid april I tried everything I could get my hands on & these 2 things were the best,
  • I walked to my local tesco and they didnt have any and then i went to coop pharm and they didnt have any so i think my only option is online. :/
  • sorry to butt in but my lo is three months so just srarting to chew anything dribbling etc but not actually cutting teeth yet she has been realoly miserable last few days so have been using bonjella and havwe bought some medised can i give her a spoon of this every night my friend does every night but she has had three children im scared to. it is sold to give for teething pain but surely this goes on for ages on bottle it says not to give for more than 3 days.
  • I thought they said medised is now recommended from 2 years onwards?
    Btw why would your friend medicate her children up every night? Is it purely to make them sleep (which I believe the medised assists with) or are they in pain/feverish every single day? If you want to give this every night, is your lo in pain/feverish every night?
    I have been lucky as Morgana only had to have calpol during the day, though I have the nurofen on standby in case it gets worse.
  • Yes medised has been taken off the self for under two....its only for over 2s now. I use nurofen, which seems to work but he still isnt happy with that i ahve tried everything, but i was talking to another mum up abit and she says to use nelsons crystals. So iam gunna give them a try...My son is finding teething really bad he just crys all day and wants to be held all the time. My son started teething at 2 months and cut his 1st tooth at 5 months. and now at 6 months he has 2 haha but he is still constantly crying with it. I ahve had two people recommend those nelsons crystals so i would try them. Iam going to.
  • sorry i didnt mean to sound like an idiot daisy is my first baby and beenteething for two weeks now being particuarlly grumpy this week is only happy when chewing something. i amnot aware how long this lasts for so was asking if it is safe to give medicine for longeer periods than three days. i didnt mean to come across as wanting to dope my child up but she is a very restless sleeper allways seems in tummy pain which is a seperate issue and i thought this recomendation seemed ideal. like i say i am first time mum so did not know medised was nolonger for under twos my oh got a bottle yesterday from chemist please dont think bad of me
  • dont be silly no one thinks bad of you, that why you write on here because you werent sure of what to do. being a mum is trial and error. I use nurofen thats fine for under 2s, when my son was ill the doctor told me to give him nurofen 6 hourly and calpol 4 hourly.
    So dont be silly your not a bad mum your just consurned for your baby. Teething is a difficult stage and very challenging. Its hard to know what to do when your child is screamign in pain.
  • Sorry to butt in on the conversation but I got my son some eye drops from doctor, and instead of giving me a dispensary pack they gave me one that they sell over the counter, it was same product, just 1 is for perscription 1 for selling. On the leaflet it said not suitable for under 2's so took it back to chemist and pharmacist said that there is a new law, they're not allowed to sell medicine over the counter for under two's now, that's why it says that on the leaflet, but same product on perscription you can use on babies. That is probably why medised cant be used for under 2's. If you got it on perscription from gp, you probably could! Hope all this makes sense! xx
  • my oh bought medised yesterday from ourlocal chemist i didnt get it on prescription itsays onbox youcan useit on babies but i wont use it now it must be old stock.
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