new rant for today!

Today has been, how you say?...shit! started off ok although harri wouldnt take his breakfast but i thought ok he will be really ready for his 10-11 feed. HAd docs appt for harri at 10:20, didnt get seen til 11:10! told her the new meds she gave me for harri hadnt worked so on the advise of my usual doc over the phone had switched him back to his usual meds and he had got alot better. sha then told me that i hadnt waited long enough for it to work! i waited 2 days i think thats sufficiant! Its not her that had to try and force the tiniest drop of food down him coz he was in so much pain with his reflux silly cow! So coz i was late in to see the doc harri completely missed his 10-11 feed and was far too tired when we finally got home so would eat it.Lunch was fine. then oh wouldnt get up at half 2 when i called him and led there till 4 (hes been on night shift ,,,but still)! he spent a little time with him had his tea, got ready for work then had to leave again, amongst all this forgot to give harri his 6pm meds! he wouldnt take his 8pm feed and has now crashed out! i wanna go to bed and start afresh tomorrow! aaaahhh! (big sigh)! sorry for boring rant!! :\(


  • here's hoping you have a better day tomorrow. Drs really annoy me when they hold you back ,of all people they should know how hard it is to keep babies in routine/ fed and happy and also how important it is!
  • i know! my dad siad same thing! bloody bumholes! xxx
  • we had to take lo to hosp the other day, he had to fast for 6 hours before we arrived, they didn't see him for an additional 6 hours, that's 12 hours of unfed baby, and apparently not emergency enough to be shoved to front of queue i HATE them. yet if we were doing this to our babies they'd call socail s on us, the bloomin sauce!
  • 12 hrs omg! evil shits!!! ide have rared up! tossers! thankfully my usual doc is lovely! XXX
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggh!
    that about sums it up! although evil shits works too. lol
  • what i wanna know is what made her 50 mins late! not even an appology! boo hiss!!! bet ur lo was famished by that time!!! xx
  • i'm sure it was 'an emergency' ............. no doubt had to run out and get the jammy dodgers to go with morning coffee or something similar.
    i know that sometimes they really do need to hold us back ,but the least they can do is try, or like you said apologise and acknowledge it sucks. famished would be an understatement poor thing, i think though it left me more traumatised than him if thats even possible.
  • u must of felt soo bad! bless you! there was all these old biddies going into the nurse to get some jab or other and 20 of them must have been seen while i was sat there...typical!!!
  • you should have poked harri to get him crying and then run to reception all flustered that you needed to be seen before it got worse! selfish old biddies haha!
  • ha ha ill remember that one! he did get a little fluffy but then fell asleep!...THEN when i was seen it was nso rushed and you could tell she just wanted me in and out fast as poss! the cow!
  • i hate it when drs rush you, makes you forget why you went in for and have to make new appt.
    hope you get your usual dr next time and harri does fine tomorrow. usually with zachariah if i end up underfeeding him one day for whatever reason he just makes up for it himself the next by guzzling it down double, so you should be fine.

    hubby home, mummy play time is over grrrr!
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