Nappy rash and loads of pooing!

hi ladies

4 days ago i gave lo fromage fray, he hadnt had it before. and since then he has been pooing loads, he usually goes about 2-4times a day but since then has been going 6-15times a day, so i think the fromage has upset his tummy, so iv just been giving him root vegtables and a little bit of normal yoghurt (which he is used to) but as a result has got terrible nappy rash, i was using sudacream but it wasnt helping so for 2 days been using bepantham, it seems slightly better today, nut it still very sore. is there anything else i can do to help? i try to give him nappy off time and make sure he is dry before putting on the cream. he is even waking in the night to poo 2-4 times which he NEVER does! if it doesnt look any better tomorrow i might take him to the doctors. he is 6 months old. any advice?

ashy x


  • For nappy rash, I'd recommend.......

    Lots of nappy off time (which I know you've been doing)
    Switch back to cotton wool and water if you use wipes
    Metanium - the girls were given it in SCBU and it's the only cream I've ever used. Clears it up in a couple of days for us

    It could be the fromage frais but 4 days is a long time for symptoms to persist. My girls had terrible (and very frequent) nappies during about week 3 of weaning (when they started eating more) and the week before they cut their first bottom teeth
  • My daughter does this just before she cuts a new tooth, it's horrible. No advice really just my sympathy!
  • g/c from toddler as saw this on the first page.

    Like the others have said my lo does this when she is cutting a teeth, the poo also has more of a smell to it! I personally dont find sudocream helps at all. I use metanium, however when she was younger it did get bad and break the skin. The dr prescribed some steroid cream when was very good.

    Also, make sure you do your lo nappy as soon as he has done it
  • Luke had this about 3 weeks after giving him 3 meals a day, it cleared up after a week.

  • I have been giving phoebe fromage frais recently, her poo is more thick than usual!!
  • Personally I wouldnt think it is the fromage frais ... because your baby has had yoghurt before, so he has had dairy without any reaction to it ... I am more inclined to think it is teeth, as my boy also gets a sore bum, nasty smelling acidy kinda poops when he has got a tooth coming soon!
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