Jobs your OH doesn't even know exist?

:lol: He is lovely really, but feels great to have a good moan about being unappracaited (sp) :roll: woe .. is me & all! :lol: so come on girls.. what jobs does your OH doesn't even know exist!?

Mine are de-scaling the kettle (making so many bottles and living in London you'd be surprised how often it needs doing if you don't want floaters!!), dusting, replacing towels, bring washing up from bed room, polishing mirrors, cleaning the loo & bath, HOVERING! & sending christmas cards and wrapping pressies lol (thay are ALWAYS my job!)

what about you lovely ladies.. what do the fairy's do in your houses? :lol: xxx

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  • when jon was here, his idea of doing a clean was washing pots (and leaving em on side) picking stuff up then hoovering and that was it?? No polishing, no folding and putting clothes away and i dont think he has ever cleaned the loo!
  • My partners idea of cleaning is also to just wash the dishes and leave them. (i dont think he knows where the cupboards are!) He will hoover around things. (never moves things like highchairs and toys)
    I think that the jobs my oh doesnt know exists are :
    Wiping out under the cushions on the sofas
    Cleaning the bath, toilet and tiles
    Cleaning out the fridge/freezer
    Changing the beds
    Writing birthday/christmas cards
    Wrapping birthday/christmas presents

    The list is endless
  • cleaning living room only requires hovering! lol
    Cleaning the bathroom only requires rinsing the sink!
    Cleaning the kitchen requires washing plates only! pots and pans are a no go, they all need 'soaking!!' LOL
    Thats my hubby!

  • My hubby was a student and they used to have take it in turns each week to clean certain rooms in the house and have a list of jobs. So he knowswhat to do, just too lazy to doit. he is veyr good though and doesnt complain if I dont get round to doing it!
    Although, he leavesd his clothes on the floor and shirts in jumpers, then wonders why he has no shirts for work?
    He likes to tell me he doesnt do things because im the HOSUEWIFE!
    He doesnt change our bed. Polishing rarely happens in our house!
  • dont talk to me about polishing mirrors i have built in wardrobes in my room that are the full lenth of my beroom and on two sides and the whole thing is mirrored it drived me mad, and i know about the whole descaling thing we lived in haverhill suffolk when my son was born.

    shopping he seems to think that the food just gets there buy magic
    ironing im sorry but clothes do iron them selfs then put them selfs on coat hangers and hang them selfs in the wardrobe by them selfs

    making justins backed lunch every morning, hovering the floors, shampooing the carpets. and mopping the wooden floors

    cleaning the oven and hob

    defrosting the feezer

    washing the dishes, putting them away

    im sorry but the list could go on for ever lol x
  • Wow this has struck a chord with me - i was having this exact row (well, heated discussion lol!) yesterday.

    I could write a list as long as my arm but the thing I find the most annoying is that my oh thinks that as long as he throws his dirty clothes in the general direction of the laundry basket (if they actually land in it that is a bonus!) then the fairies come and pick them up, sort them, wash them, dry them, fold and iron them and put them back away in the wardrobes.

    I presume these are the same fairies that collect the cups and plates he leaves around the computer in the back bedroom.

    And the fairies that pick up the wet towels from the floor in the bathroom, rinse round the sink and bath, put the tops back on the toothpaste, clean the toilet, and replace the toilet roll.

    Bloody busy fairies in our house! :lol:
  • i do everything so there's no point in me writing my list cuz i'll be here all night, the only thing he does do it empty the bin cuz i can't lift it when it's full and it has to be overflowing before he even thinks to do it, i've given up asking lol x
  • My dh doesn't close cupboard doors!!!! lol - I go into the kitchen and close them all after he's been in there! lol
  • Pickle, I think we must have the same fairies in our house image
  • glad im not the only one being driven demented by this! Mine is childlike i even have to ask him when he last had a bath?
  • Gary is totally useless around the house [most of it LOL] and he dosnt know where the saucepans are kept in our house so you get the idea, saying that he does all the manual labour ie garden, cleaning cars, powerhosing street etc so i really dont mind as i would do them! LOL
  • Mine is great with cooking and a wee bit of housework but has a total blank with
    -taxing the car
    - renewing insurances-
    -paying cheques into the bank
    -posting things
    - taking kids to appts/ Dr/ Nursery
  • we deffo have fairies, ben has never cleaned the bathroom/mopped the floors/hoovered... he has tried to iron on occasion but it takes him the best part of 20mins to do 1 shirt so i end up taking over!

    he doesnt dust, change the bed sheets...

    i'm actually just started to think "why?!" i think i may have to bring this up with him when i get home and ask why i have been automatically allocated these chores!
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