Poorly baby advice...


My baby daughter is 5 weeks old and was doing brilliantly, she was feeding well, gaining weight, sleeping well, we were in a good routine already and she had learned to self settle, things were getting so much easier.... Until..

Wednesday night in the middle of the night I was feeding her and she threw up twice not just normal baby sick but projectile vomiting... Completely covered me with it! I didn't think too much of it, I thought she had just drank too much.. She went back to sleep as normal... But then in the morning and all throughout the day she was off her feeds, would barely drink an ounce when she would normally guzzle down 5!! At bedtime I was giving her her bedtime bottle and she threw up again several times in a row completely soaked me, her and the bed, I was terrified, rang nhs direct and they sent us in to hospital... Doc checked her over and said she seems fine, but I know she is not!

She's been whiney, screaming or being really unsettled which isn't normal for her, last night she was awake, screaming every hour but wouldn't touch her milk, just keeps spitting it out, I gave up trying to get her to sleep in the end and got up with her at 4am.... I have also just changed a green poo!

I'm really worried... Anyone know what might be wrong with her?


  • Hi ilc i can't help with the feeding and settling, we are also having green poo with Bella also 5 weeks. i googled it and found this link with great ormond street hospital. It can be normal here's the link


  • If she isn't taking any milk, I'd take her back to the doctor and get them to check her dehydration. She may have a tummy bug of some kind and there isn't much you can do for that except ride it out, but dehydration is a concern and the doctor can prescribe something to help her keep liquids down.

    Hope she gets better soon. My son is just getting over an ear infection topped off with a newly discovered allergy to penicillin so I feel your pain. It is horrible when they are ill.
  • Thanks ladies -

    TheHistoryGirl - I am keeping an eye on her for dehydration, the doctor said if she's dehydrated her soft spot will sink in, we wont get wet nappies and her skin will loose it's elasticity... so far i think she's ok hydration wise, but i just dont know what to do with her, she's like a different baby! x
  • Hi,

    Are you breastfeeding or bottlefeeding?

    If breast fed could it be something you have eaten and passed on to your daughter? I know that my ds has explosive nappies after i've eaten spicey food (eg curry) and is more likely to be sick after a feed. Also seen that when I've had the odd alcoholic drink ds is sick after feeds the next day, so I've stopped drinking completely and staying away from curries!

    Not sure what it could be if the above doesn't apply but hope she's better soon.
  • hey chick,

    sorry to hear Phoebe isnt doing so well....

    you are right with the signs of dehydration to look out for and if she isnt tolertaing foods give cool boiled water to make sure she is taking in some fluids...

    keep an eye on her temperature and while green poo may not be anything to worry about it could be a wee gutty bug she has and showing in her stool and its making her vomit (look for further changes in stool)

    has she increased the amount of milk she takes recently as it could be too much and has just overloaded and in turn upset her stomache? (Megan is only 5 days youngejr than phoebe and will only take 3oz at some feeds others 4oz or just over it but not quite 5oz - she feeds 3 to 4 hourly and is gaining weight well as she was 10lbs 7oz the other day!!)

    She could also have some reflux? If it persists and isnt a bug that clears the doc can give you some infant gaviscon to add to her bottles to see if that helps...

    I hope shes feeling better soon...

  • Hey hun

    Green poo is a sign of trapped wind.. it could also explain the been sick if it was trapped for a while! Or it could be acid reflux which would explain why she is off her bottles as it can be very painful for them.

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