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what your babies favourite toy?

I ask coz I wanna get Tyler something new but not sure what coz he has so much from the boys and family ect.



  • Leo loves his sodor adventure rail set its from 12 months +, also james loves it to and he is 10 months they fight over it so i might have to buy him his own lol
    vikki xx
  • thanx ladies. They look really good! Im so bad when it comes to toys and clothes for my boys - I could spent a fortune!

    I ended up getting him a MegaBloks Truck with multi coloured blocks in it. He loves it! lol He takes all the bricks out 1 by 1 and then puts them all back in again. Hes been doing it for nearly an hour!! lol xx
  • the boys love it too because they can build things with it too. I bought a bag of 80 bricks to go with it.

    I got this for the boys

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  • My ds1 got this for xmas and he thinks it s great to does the same thing takes all the bricks out the puts them back in then pushes it around then the same all over again lol
    glad you got something he likes
    vikki xx
  • Hello mommies and daddies!

    I create little knitted baby ankle rattles - they are super cute and ideal for babies just learning to use their hands and feet.  If you are interested you can have a look at them here:

    I also have this listed in my shop but you may be interested in knowing how rattles can benefit in your LOs development:

    * Great developmental baby toys that allow your baby to see, hear, feel and grab all at the same time
    * Bright and colourful to stimulate your baby’s mind
    * Increases your baby’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination
    * Strengthens your baby’s legs, fingers, palms and wrists when grabbing for their feet
    * Soft and durable so the rattles won’t hurt your baby
    * Won’t be thrown out of the stroller/car seat since they are secured to your baby’s legs
    * Small, light and make noise easily
    * Will help to calm and sooth an irritable baby
    * Will keep mommy calm too!

  • i think babies like soft toys because babies chew easy in their mouth. it is a pain relief toys.

  • What is the favorite toy of a baby that one can tell just by knowing the age of the kid. Because depending on the age the choice of toys also varies. For kids they just like dolls and small toys, for toddlers they like some advanced technology based toys like guns, cars and battery toys.

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