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hi ladies

i'm going to strat looking 4 a baby monitor as LO is going into own room soon. can u let me know which one you have got and would you recommend it?



  • to start with i had the fisher price lights and sound one and it was crap.

    we now have this one which i find really good and it has a two way talk back so you can talk to baby through it.>BABY+MONITOR.htm
  • We have the Tomy Walkabout Premier Advance.
    A couple of days ago i would have told you it was great but ive had to sleep on the sofa 2 nights this week because it had that much interference
  • I've got a fisher price lights and sound one too, we had interference once and apart from that its cheap and does the job perfectly. There only there so you can hear LO breathe/cry etc. They don't need to be singing and dancing :lol: You'll need to save money to spend on more important things!!

  • I've got te tomy premiere advance. Find that it's brilliant, reallt clear and has vibrate function which is useful.

    Temp monitor is great as I can review in the morning how hold and cold it's been so I can judge whether to adjust bedding. talkback function is great for communicating with dad whilst feeding or trying to settle while with lo and needing something bringing in.
  • We have the tomy classic advance and its fine. Its not amazing but its pretty good. It doesn't pick up every single sound but thats not a problem to us cause we always hear him. It does however pick up the sound of the neighbours bathroom lightswitch clicking on their tiles which is bloody annoying!!

    The thing with the interfearance - we had that at first till I read the instructions and there is some kind of setting where either its always on and thats when it picks up the interferaance, or noise activated only and then we don't get interfearance.

    The one thing I will say I'm impressed about with tomy is that you can get spare parts for the monitor! One of our adapters wire split and it was ??9 for a new one - way cheaper than a new monitor image

    I agree with garfield - they don't need to be all singing and dancing and have a fortune spent on them image
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