Does anyone have a beaba babycook?

If so, what are your thoughts and opinions on it?

thanks x


  • Hmmm, don't have one. Really wanted one but at ??65 thats quite a specialised item to buy. I have a Braun multiblender thing which is perfect for our needs and I can make cakes with it too!
  • Hiya, I don't but also looking at them. My neighbour has one and swears by it!! x
  • Ooh ooh what is it??
    Sounds like a gadget to me. I'm a salesmans dream when it comes to baby gadgets! xx
  • Hi February Baby - its this

    It does look very impressive.
  • Oh wow!! Thank you!
    I need one!
    It is very expensive though xx
  • Just noticed Mothercare sell them too.
    I've got ??30 Mothercare vouchers from setting up a direct debit to Rubys Child Trust Fund account!
    Great idea if you want one of these xx
  • I agree it is a bit of a luxury, but I an still feeling quite nervous about weaning and I wonder if this would make my life a little easier.

    There are lots of reviews of it on the mothercare website and they all say how great it is..

    We don't have a microwave which is what most people seem to use to heat up the baby food and so I thought instead of getting a microwave (which we don't really want) then I could get this instead (and its a lot cheaper than a microwave!!)

    I have been keeping a look out for places that sell it cheaper but can't find anywhere but I think you can get some discount codes for mothercare to get some money off (so my OH said anyway - need to check with him on that). They also sell it at Jojomamanbebe and I have got a 10% discount code for them.
  • hi i have got one and to be honest rarely use it. i tend to make bigger batches of food and freeze instead. it is quite small so only does enough for 1-2 portions. personally i think i wasted my money. also did not start weaning until 6 months so lo didn't need super smooth purees
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