Sorry, need a rant!

I've had such a crap day! 1st my oh had me up all night coz he's got a cold n was coughing (i know its not his fault), i gave up tryin 2 sleep n got up, phoned the housing (as we are currently stayin between his mums n my mums), they have messed up our application n the long n short is that we have no hope of gettin a house 4 about another 2 years! Then i phoned the tax credits n was told we earn 2 much n can only claim ??20 a week! So now i'm homeless & poor, i'm only on smp n i earn more than oh so f**k knows how we earn 2 much! Sorry 4 the rant but i just feel like we're bein penalised 4 workin n we'd be better off & be offered a house if we gave up our jobs! Grrr this country! Sorry again 4 the rant, needed 2 let off some steam x


  • Hi honey. Sorry I don't have any advice, but didnt want to R&R. Hope things get better for you soon.

  • i know how you feel these systems they apparently go by is crap. my friend gets more than us and we're wrking so shes better of not wrking really and she as a mortgage aswel. i ask them what our situation wud be if i left wrk and they sed they cant tel us until we're in that situation.silly
  • hi sorry to gatecrash , i feel similar where the housing situation is concerned we have been on the waiting list here for 2 years and they have told us we got no chance for another 3 or so its really frustrating we live in a 1 bed house and got a 2 and a half year old and a new baby due in 4 weeks!!! credits now yes there a joke do u and your oh earn more than 14.,500 a year? we worked out that if my oh doesnt do any overtime then by april this year we will have only earned just under the 14,500 so will b entitled to both workin tax and tax credits and will get over 700 a month but if i go back to work or he earns any more than he is now we will get 300 a month and thats to cover nursery fees for 2 kids which will be in excess of ??800 a month!!!it makes no sense at all does it i really hope u manage to sort things out soon xxxxxxx
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