Excessive dribbling

Hi there. My LO is 12 weeks tomorrow and for the last 2 weeks or so has been dribbling excessively. It seems to be getting worse. My first thought was that he is teething but he doesn't have flushed cheeks and I can't see anything in his mouth that suggests teeth are coming through.

It only really seems to bother him when he's lying on his back as he seems to almost be choking on his saliva and I'm constantly mopping up his chin.

Any idea what may be causing this? I know babies dribble, but I wasn't expecting this much!

Peeptoe and Hugo (11+6)


  • No idea but I'll be watching this space because Toby has been dribbling a lot too!!
  • We have had this for the past week or so with my 9 week old. She has also begun to choke on the dribble during her sleep which is very frightening. I have rung the HV today and they were no help at all. Will be watching this space to see if anyone has any answers.

  • My LO does this as well (11 weeks) but I think mine is down to blowing bubbles all the time. He's obviously worked out he can and now just seems to sit there all day dribbling!
  • Sorry to say but my lo is 11 months and still dribbles like a fountain!! he has since about 8 weeks old!! i have to double bib him in the evening so he doesn't soak his Jim jams b4 bed! it's not teething related either! he also chokes on it when he's asleep i don't jump up in a panic any more u get used to it !!xxx
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