Can i reheat baby rice?

I've just tried baby on some baby rice mixed up with formula, it didn't go so well so i've put it in the fridge. Is it safe to reheat it later on today?
I'm clueless about cooking!


  • Hmmm I'm not sure as you aren't now supposed to keep left over milk for more than an hour due to the bacteria it can quickly produce when left. That's why they now ask you not to make feeds up in advance and store in fridge for later.
    I'd be inclined to throw it away & make a fresh lot up for next time. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • No i definately wouldn't! just make small amounts until lo gets used to it, you find alot of waste when you are weaning! but their immune systems aren't too good yet so don't risk anything thats not fresh!
  • iam sure some ppl will do this and there babies are perfectly fine but i wouldnt risk it
  • I wouldn't risk it either. I would just make a fresh one.
  • simply answer is no, I would never re heat any baby food, just not worth the risk x
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