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baby rice in bottles

can you put baby rice in bottles to fill them up a bit more obviously with milk if so how much do you give?xxx


  • i did this a couple of times when evie was younger but i actually heard that you're not supposed to!
  • dam it! did it cause you probs?
  • my mum kept telling me to put half a rusk in rhiannas bottle. thats what she done with me and my brother.
    i never done it, but sometimes i wish i had.
  • i tried it couple of times to see if he would sleep longer... it made no difference he actually woke more think it hurt his belly! how many weeks is your lo? is it that your wanting lo to sleep longer??? i found nothing worked fins 23 weeks and still not sleeping thru and he now has 5-6 7/8oz bottles, fruity breakie and rusks....... ive given up trying now!
    anyway what you could try is feeding quite close together from say 6 onwards - depends if your lo will take all the milk and make sure burp!

  • he is 21 weeks he slept threw since 6 weeks but the last week hw is waking all the time and its getting me down! he is all out of sorts as he had 3rd jabs the other day and i think hes teething to be honest im running out of ideas! its all cluttering up my head! xxx
  • I do it even now - my brat is 8 months and hes slept through about 3 nights. Think yourself lucky that hes slept as much as he has. What milk is he on?
  • aptimil extra hungry. which i have found brill was terrible in everything else we tried, i might do it in the morning. i know im lucky but just gutted that hes stopped going threw. xxx
  • I think you have to go careful that it doesn't block the teat or it can cause trapped wind which will then have the opposite effect and keep them awake.
    My lo is 9 months and only just starting to sleep through on the odd occasion!
  • You get special teats for putting cereals in - so shouldn't have a problem. I tried it before I'd weaned thinking he might need it but he refused to take it - now he's eating more solilds and lumps he'll take it happily in his bedtime feed and even though he doesn't sleep through he sleeps for longer. Have you tried weaning him at all, maybe he's just ready for something heavier but can't take the bulk of masses of milk
  • Meant to say Cow and Gate do a Goodnight Milk, might be worth a try, failing that you could always mix his last feed up with a barcardi breezer???
  • ive started giving him a lunch but he needs to continue to get used to it. ill try it. any advise on amount he only takes 6oz at the most. im struggling to get a bottle down him atm! xxx
  • Maybe give him some pureed fruit at teatime with some baby rice mixed in it - so its later, might help him sleep at bedtime. Patrick was the same, he just couldn't take the amount of milk he needed to make him sleep.
  • how much should i put in the bottle? im sat on the bed hes asleep in his basket next to me and hes just laughed in his sleep...sorry just thought ide say that lol xxx
  • He's probably thinking about what time to get you up in the middle of the night.
    Just try one teaspoon to start off with, but get the Y shaped teat so he's not sucking too hard. Its worth a go, I'd sell a kidney if I thought mine would go through the night.
  • ok thanks hun you have really helped! i hope tommee tippee do the y shaped teats i no avent do but i never use them as didnt get on with
  • My HV told me not to do this (as you would expect) but only because she used to be a pead nurse and she said she had seen too many children admitted to hospital choking as they just expect smooth milk coming through the bottle no lumps.

    Didnt know you could get special teats for cereal to pass through though....

    My lo was the same never could take enough milk to get him through the night the most I could get him to take at any one time was 6oz and that was only when he was about 20weeks. He is now nearly 24 weeks and gets breakfast and tea and a yoghurt and 4 x 6oz bottles and he no longer has a bottle through the night... he does sometimes wake up though and be given his dummy and the lightshow switched on. It definatley gets better when they eat more food.

  • My SIL has been crumbling up half a rusk and putting that into her baby's bottle for her last feed. It's worked so well for her. Her baby now sleeps for 14 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ruby is only 10 weeks but is evil through the night so i'll be trying this as soon as she's big enough.
    She's started on a new milk and just found out she's lactose intolerant and she only takes 2-3oz at a time now so is up all the time through the night. I constantly look like death and ready to pull my hair out! xx
  • Hello!

    All of these ladies wrote this a long time ago so I was wondering if anyone went on to try the rice or rusk in the bottle with success?
  • Give it to him on a spoon. It is dangerous to put rice or rusks etc in a baby's bottle which is why they advise you not to do it. Its also been shown not to make a difference with sleep.
  • sorry not read all the replys but give Hipp Goodnight Milk a go its packed with extra cereals (a bit like mixing a rusk in) I was thinking of trying mixing rusk (my friend who had a prem baby was RECOMMENDED to do this by her consultant to help her daughter gain weight) x
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