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I'm sure this topic has been discussed before on this forum, but I can't remember what the overall view was.
Anyway Lily is 8 months old and since I stopped breast feeding at 5 months she has been on Aptamil stage 1 milk, which she seems pefectly happy with. Just wondered if by now I should really be moving her onto follow on milk as I know this is marketed for 6months+ babies. Has everyone moved onto follow on milk? Is it really necessary? Lily is established on 3 solid meals a day and has 3 x 6oz bottles a day. Thanks.


  • I have wondered the same as my baby is six and a half months old and I am trying to establish weaning with him. He is on stage one of Cow and Gate and no longer going through the night without needing a feed.He has up to 8fl oz every four hours at the mo. I have looked at the follow on milk and there is an increase in iron and energy as well as other nutrients. A friend of mine said that her baby was more satisfied after moving onto the follow on milk and started sleeping through the night again so I am going to give it a try when my son has finished his stage one milk.
  • i've asked this before on here but my hv told me if your LO is happy on her current formula and has a good diet then theres no need to change. HV said and i quote "more crap in less milk" (i think she means vitamins, iron etc)

    was also told it's a marketing plot as it says till 2 years old (but you only need formula up to a year old)

    BUT my sister put all her LO's on follow on at 6 months as it was cheeper and you get reward points in such places as tescos & boots but not on first stage formula. i on the other hand havent changed my LO yet but as dont get the advantage of it and we had trouble finding one he could cope with and not going through all that again! lol
  • follow on milk is a marketing ploy! its the only way they can advertise formula - you have never seen an advert for first stage formula because it is illegal to do it here! this is to get the "breast is Best" message across!! by putting til age 2 is another way to con people - Kimw08 is right!!
    personally, i kept my first 2 on Aptamil (purple one), and i'll be keeping Isobel on this until she is one, then put on cows milk!
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