No heating or hot water with a baby

Hi gorloes sorry I haven't been on but I've been moving house.

So this morning, oh put the heating on and left for work. Me an lo got up an hour later and the house is still cold...can't work out why bur with some investigating, realised our oil tank was empty...we just moved in to our rented flat on Thursday evening!

The agency say were responsible for paying for oil but it's ??430 to fill the tank and that's the lowest amount of fuel you cab purchase at one time so I can't but any less so I have no heatng or hot water! The agency never told us the tank was empty before we signed the lease but when I called today they told me they were aware it was nearly empty!

What can I do girls? I thought that legally every child under 5 must have hot water and heating no? Aaargh nightmare!!!


  • i wldn't quote me on this but altho yes it is highly unfair that u've been put in a property with no oil without prior warning, i'm afraid it is your responsibilty to pay for ur fuel...its just unfortunate that with oil it has to be payed in advance in large sister used to rent an oil heated property and she found it an absolute nightmare, and infact i'm pretty sure she moved in when it was pretty damn low too... did u know it was oil fuelled? also it shld be on the inventory how much oil was in the tank (cos obv u have to leave roughly the same amount in there when u move out)...obv if that says its low then i'm afraid its ur job to check that, but if its not mentioned at all or says there is a good amount then u might be able to clami some of it back from landlord/ the meantime, i suggest u phone the crisis loans people for an emergency loan (u don't need to be on benefit for this) they'll get some money to u by the end of the next working day in order for u to get some oil, especially if u stae u have a lo. xxx
  • Oh God that's awful - I can't add to what WoW Baby has said but didn't want to R&R.

    I take it you have electricity so can at least boil the kettle for bathing and still cook etc?

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  • Hi, sounds like a nightmare for you - but I think Wowbaby's probably right. You will be responsible for paying for the fuel - but I agree the agency should have made this absolutely clear to you rather than just let you discover the empty tank for yourself!

    Obviously I don't know what your financial circumstances are - can you borrow from family/ put it on a credit card/ get temp overdraft?? Think you will have to just get the tank filled up as quickly as you can. Do you know how long the ??430 will last for?

    I think the legal thing you mentioned is more for utility companies - they are not allowed to cut off elec/gas in homes where there are babies now....

    Really hope you get some soon.... I'm assuming you have elec too and can at least boil a kettle & cook?

  • Yeah I can boil a kettle and cook atleast! I know I'm liable really I was just hurt at what has happened...every single flat we take has something wrong with it..I really wish I could buy a house image stupid recession!!!
  • Ah hun, it's really bad they didn't explain it to you. Live and learn eh? xxxxxxxxx
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