When did your lo's go into pushchair from carrycot??

LO is now 12 weeks old and he seems to be outgrowing his carrycot. He can still fit in it ok although he's not got tons of room, but he stays awake a lot longer now and he's trying to look around when he's in the carrycot but he cant see much. So I tried him in his pushchair today with it reclined slightly and he seemed ok - is he too young to start using it full time? When did your LO's graduate to the pushchair??

Seems such a waste to have spent all that money on the carrycot for 12 weeks, although he will sleep in it during day still (its also an occasional moses baskset) and has used it pretty much everyday up until now...

Forgot to say he's nearly 13lbs and is relatively long so he's not teeny anymore...

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  • my ds was small so he stayed in his carrycot until about 7months and then moved to pushchair but a friend who has same m&p one as me changed at around 20weeks.

    I know what you mean about being a waste of money - funny they don't mention these things when your buying them!!!!
  • Our lo moved into the pushchair around the same time. She was touching the sides in her Windoo, and is rather nosey. She loves looking around when we're out now, although sometimes it's not so good when she's meant to be sleeping!xx
  • We moved Adam into his pushchair (fully reclined) a couple of weeks ago (he's 15+4 now). I wish we'd done it sooner!! He's much happier now he can sit up a little bit and see what's going on.

  • honeyPops we have the windoo too so that makes me feel much better thanks. I agree Cath, the carrycot is great when they're wee and dont pay attention to anything but it must be so boring when they just want to look at everything!
  • ds was 5 months, h still had plenty of room left in there but was sitting up so needed to come out of it xx
  • I've been putting Amelia in her reclined pushchair in the last couple of days (she's 9 weeks) but only for short journeys - mainly as she likes to look out. If I am going out for a long journey I put her in the carrycot so she can sleep if she wants, I'll probably switch her over around permanently at 12-13 weeks.
  • Our ds was long and the Quinny carrycot was just too small for him so he moved into the pushchair at 8 weeks!!! Such a lot of money for so little use but hopefully we'll use it for another baby someday soon! x
  • Unfortunately my carry cot didn't seem to last 5 minutes! Tyler is quite a long baby so he was in his pushchair from 9 weeks, we have it fully reclined though so he is still laid flat.
    He has also been slipping in his cot from 10 weeks because he outgrew his Moses too image xx
  • DD was 16 weeks. She's reeeeeally long (she's 7.5 months now and off the charts length wise lol!!)
    I had to though, she was practically wedged into the carrycot but I loved her in it so much.
    Our pushchair reclines fully & is parent facing too.
    Do what you feel is best x
  • we started about 10 weeks as LO is soooo nosey and he didnt like lying flat either x
  • We moved at 5 months as our carrycot had a sitting up support which kept her happy for a while.

    We have a lightweight pushchair for the car from mothercare and that has a newborn support and it reclines entirely.Not sure I'd be happy with a newborn in there as not very sturdy, but shows it can be done.

    I found that it meant the end of sleep when walking in a pushchair but great way to keep them happy of an afternoon on a nice stroll x
  • We never had a carrycot!
    We have the Loola up pram and just used that fully reclined from birth, he had a cosytoes on it so was really snug. I think we might have started sitting him up at about 15/16 weeks.
  • This was a dilemma for me. I have a Graco quattro buggy and my LO is almost out of the carry cot. However, I was told that they should lie flat until 6 months as sitting up can damage their backs. I would have had to use the car seat in his buggy so he could face me but you should only use them for 2 hours then have 30 mins out. This was too much of a faff and I wasnt prepared to risk his back so I've ordered an i candy peach - much bigger carry cot and much sexier buggy!
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