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Hi, I'm about to attempt expressing my milk but I can't quite get my (new mum) head around it so had a few queries.
Can I store the bottles in the fridge or freezer or do they need to be kept in the special containers or freezer bags?
I know the best time to express is probably the morning but if I cant to this is the evening ok, say between his 7 and 10pm feeds? And is it better to express right after breastfeeding rather than just before?
Sorry if these sound like ridiculous questions..its all too technical for me at present!!


  • hi, you will probably e best expressing at a feed while baby is feeding express off the other breast, it is better to store your milk in th efreezer in sterilised pots or breast milk pots. but in the fridge in a bottle will be ok. it is better to express when your milk is at it's best so morning is best but if you express while the baby is feeding during the day should be ok as well. hope this helps.xxxx
  • Thanks pen, that really helps..will give it a whirl xx
  • hi, if you do express and dont get much you can store it in the fridge and add to it but milk should only be stored for 24 hours in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer. you cant add fresh milk to frozen (or defrosted ) milk.

    i expresse whenever i can, they only say morning because your milk is creamier with a bit mor goodness to help you lo make up what they used in the night. you can express at any time of the day. im doing it now...... :\)

    dont worry if you get very little at first, you'll find a routine that works for you.
  • Hi, thanks for the advice. Was going to try for the first time this evening but now lo is in bed all I want to do is lie on the sofa and watch tv until his next feed. There's always tomorrow...
  • Hi

    I've been expressing from the beginning every 3 hours.

    I don't think time of day really matters if one or both of your breast feel fullish after a feed its worth expressing what's left and storing it. This came in very useful when my milk production tailed right down for no apparent reason.

    At the hospital I was told you can store milk in the fridge for 5 days. But you can't go from fridge to freezer i.e only freeze the fresh stuff.

    Also label your bottles with the date and time so you can use them in reverse order or simply have a front to back system going on in your fridge like I do.

    I express while I wait for LO to settle herself after a feed and play time, I think the rythmic sound helps her drop off!!!
  • Hi, you can also buy expressed breast milk bags from boots or m/care.This will save your bottles and space in freezer. You can store expressed milk for 24hrs in fridge and upto 6months in the freezer. I noticed conflicting advice, you could look at web site for leche league they should be up to date. Al x
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