As you all know Gabe is really ill, he is slightly better but still wheezy and coughing badly, nose streaming. He is also cutting 2 bottom teeth and they are very close to the surface - very very close!

Anyway he is refusing milk, could it be down to teething? He's averaging about 10-12oz a day and will only feed when he's really hungry. He's refusing solids too, particularly at tea time. I think he is losing weight as he seems to be fitting better into sleepsuits that had previously seemed a bit small (oh bought me a smaller one by mistake & didnt realise :roll: ) He doesnt seem to be getting any bigger if that makes sense?? Has dropped a centile too.

Getting him weighed on thurs...I wish he would eat and these stupid teeth would cut!!!! x


  • I'm sorry to hear Gabe has not been well. I'm still waiting for Erins teeth and she is nearly 8 1/2 months she seems to be teething frequently but no teeth she has not had much milk the past few days as has a cold but think she might be teething too as just bites the teat and gets really annoyed with it, does Gabe do this too??

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  • it does sound as though it cud b dwn to teething hun!damn teeth!grace cut her 1st the other week n her 2nd is v cklose to the surface,i had 2 give her calpol 2day whuch dosent happen v often.Shes also got a cold,cough and has done god knows how many stinky nappies the past couple of days!watch them come thru on xmas day!btw its graces two bottom ones that shes got aswell! xx
  • Hi hun, Evie is doing the same thing at the mo, she's not drinking so much, she faffs about with the teat and chews it, then cries a bit. It's horrible!

    Have you tried putting on the bonjela and/or giving teething powder just before you feed him?

    It could be the poorliness as well that's affecting his appetite.

    Hope he feels better soon.

  • He doesn't bite the teat, just pushes it out with his tongue and screams like he's in pain! It's strange cos he cries like he is hungry and usually he would down his bottle in 5 seconds flat lol but not now!

    Thanks everyone, hope these babies cut their teeth & feel better soon. It must be soooo painful for them! I am giving Gabe medised before bed time and it has been a lifesaver.

    My mum says me & my sister always had bad colds and cut teeth at the same time & mil who has 4 reckons they did too....I'm really hoping!! x
  • yea grace had a cold when she got her last tooth aswell,poor little things! xx
  • Hi my lo cut 4 teeth in a matter of a few weeks and would not eat and also cut down on milk. He would start feeding then come off my boob crying then go back on back off. He's been ill as well but do think teething had affected his appetite and made his gums so sore. He dropped centile as well. He has only started eating solids again and showing more interest in milk the past week.
    Sorry not much help but i reckon most likely the reason for Gabe refusing milk. Hope they cut soon! xx
  • tiger lilly millie was doing this the other day hardly had any milk! her teeth were really hurting her!! she even slept through the night and woke at 7 then went back to sleep after taking 2oz til 10.30am! but the next day she was alot better and drank her milk again. she seems to have good and bad days! although she is always biting her thumb and hand! millie is only 12 weeks i am hoping this will not go on til 6 months!!
  • Yes I think he's not having milk due to teething. As you know Charlotte is exactly the same. Been about a week now and still not getting better.
    Hopefully it will pass soon - for both of us!
  • Poppy was like that when she got her top 2 front teeth and I was at my wits end with it until someone suggested putting anbesol on babies gums before feeding - it numbs the gums (try it on your own and see!) and will make it more comfortable for them to drink their milk, It's only about ??2 a bottle so well worth a try! Hope it works!
  • looks like we've all got teething babies at the moment. mine is doing this too. put it down to teething to and his cold. i just persevered. rubbing his gums before a feed seemed to help and he took his bottle a little better.

    it's not his teat size is it?
  • Yeah there does seem to be a lot of teething babies. Charlotte has had 2 cut thru within 2 weeks and her 1st 2 cut thru in late july so i had a bit of a wait. I think her other 2 top ones could come thru soon which is why she's off her milk so much and grumpy with me most of the time.

    As the kids Christmas song goes "All I want for Christrmas is my 2 front teeth......."!!!!
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