Drinking too much milk!?

Just taken Lily to be weighed and I mentioned that despite being on 3 meals a day Lily was still wanting 4 bottles of 8oz a day too. I asked was this ok and HV said yes as she still needs her milk. Then she weighed her....because Lily had put on 1lb in two weeks she thinks I should put her on a 'diet'. I have to stop her wanting her milk. I have to try with the 11am feed first by swapping it for a mashed banana and a beaker of water. She doesn't eat a great deal at any of her meals - a few teaspoons at the very most. How am I meant to stop her wanting her milk? She has started waking in the night for it again too now! She weighs 20lb and is 6 1/2 months old.

What do you ladies think?



  • I gotta say I think your HV talks rubbish lol.

    Gabe is on 4/5 7oz bottles a day and doesnt eat much food either. And he's 20lb 7 at 8 months and has dropped nearly 2 centiles, and HV is concerned about his weight gain?!

    I would go with what Lily wants - she is adorable btw!

    You can't expect a baby who likes milk to go from drinking lots of milk and no food, to lots of food and hardly any milk. I tried replacing Gabe's mid morning bottle with a drink of water and a snack but he just wanted the milk afterwards.
  • Lol Katie - no it was the nursery nurse hv who said about the diet, the one who told me to give her lots of custard was the really old one! She wasn't there today!

    Before xmas she put on 1oz in 3 weeks and they said this was fine - I thought it was bad! But they think 1lb in 2 weeks is bad to put on...am very confused too! I couldn't believe it when she said diet...Lily doesn't even look fat!

    Thanks for the replies - TigerlIly I think Lily and Gabe sound very similar!
  • Lilly looks a happy and health little girl to me. Dont know where some of these HV's come from.
    If you are happy with your daughters diet and weight gain dont change it IMO.
    I would have been concerned at a 1oz gain over 3 weeks but it is normal for Zacky to gain around 1ib in 2 weeks. Dont see a problem there.

    I have tried to introduce well diluted juice and water into Zackys diet but he just wants his milk. He has 2-3 big meals (big TT weening bowls 2/3 full plus desert for 1 of them) depending on what time he gets up. He also has 3-4 8oz bottles of hungry baby food a day (sometimes an extra 5oz bottle before bed as well). He has gone up from the 9th centile (on the silly charts) to the 50th centile. Begining of december got him weighed and because HV plotted him 2weeks ahead of his actual age for some reason,he has dropped just below the 50th. Her comments have gone from 'well he is officially not a little baby any more' to 'well loosing a bit wont hurt him'. Got Zacky to laugh at her when she said the last. If she had mentioned putting him on a diet I would have lost the plot.

  • Hon

    Your HV is nuts. My littlin is the same age and weight and looks perfectly normal, and the HV reckons hes bang on target. What I will say though if you want your littlin to cut her milk intake down, up the amount of solids. I was told to reduce the amount of solids as my littlin was cutting down his milk too fast and started waking up hungery during the night (even though he was eating lots). Apparently they still get the majority of their calories and nutrients from the milk at this stage. So even though it might seem nuts, increasing the solids will reduce the overall amount of calories they take in as they will reduce their milk intake.
  • Just a thought - i didn't mean to, but i cut out the lunch time bottle as i am getting Alfie ready to go to nursery full time in 2 weeks (sob). I was giving him a bottle at 12 and lunch at 1/1.30. I switched them and he no longer has the lunchtime bottle - but boy does he want the 4o clock one!! lol!
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