Neocate LCP milk anyone?

After 7 & a half months of Ellie battling with food I have been given Neocate milk for her & told to stop weaning altogether. Yesterday she took 4oz of milk all day so the doctor prescribed this this morning.
Has anyone else got a baby on this milk & if so when did they start taking it? Ellie is really not interested in it & I think it is the taste- it's like cauliflower!!
All advice appreciated xx


  • Hi hun this is the milk that ashton is on too! He started on it at 8 weeks so didn't really have any problems getting him to drink it. I have just been to see our consultant today and he said that older babies do turn their noses up at it. All you can do is keep trying her. At first Ashton was only having 3ozs every 3 to 4 hours but after a couple of weeks he was guzzling it down!!!
    There is a neocate advance milk that apparently tastes & smells better but I think it is for babies that are 1 or over - might be worth asking about it though if she still refuses it after a couple of days.
    Do keep trying her though as Ashton has put on almost 9 pounds since starting this milk and is now over taking babies that are older than him!
    Once you start weaning again you can add the milk in the same way you do any other milk and you can't taste it!
    If you have any questions or just wanna chat then I am always here! xxxx
  • Just bumping back up for misslauri86 xxx
  • Hey girls thanks for replying. She took 2oz earlier then about an oz this evening, at the minute i'm just pleaed to be getting something into her!
    Will keep trying it's the only way that she's going to get used to it bt when i'm at the baby clinic on tuesday i'll ask about the advance. Thanks again xx
  • No probs hun. always here if you need anything! x
  • Hi, well last night she took 4oz before bedtime & drained 6oz this morning. She already seems brighter & hasn't been whingeing all morning the way she has been lately so keeping my fingers crossed that this could be the turn around for her image xxx
  • good luck hun My little girl is on SMA LF she change so much she stop being sick but she feed every 3 to 4 hour all day and night and 28 week when she started she still having a bottle in the night she tend to have small amount about 3 to 5 oz 5 to 6 time a day she but on 11oz in 2 weeks on this new she bin on new milk she still has up down like this morning she had nothing she fed at 3 am tryed to give her a bottle at 9am still not having it. so good luck
    carrie faith
  • Well Ellie has been on this now from Friday & no other foods & seems like a different child! The constant crying has gone, she's taking most of her bottles & is receptive of them & I am just so pleased!
    Back at the baby clinic tomorrow & going to find out more about the milk as I was reading cow & gate website & they have milk that sounds similar to neocate but I am hoping tastes beter.
    She's only had 8.5oz today but hopefully she'll take some more before bedtime. xx
  • Hi all,
    Ellie's now taking between 16-24oz a day with some feeds being about 3am!! Don't mind though so long as she is getting it.
    Just wondering to those who's LO's are on this how long it was before they upped the amount they were taking of a day? I know every baby is different but she's almost 8mths & isn't taking spoon feeds just this- there's newborns taking more!! xx
  • Hi hun, it took Ashton about 4 weeks to increase the amount that he was taking through out the day and to drop the night feeds all together. At one point he was drinking 40ozs a day, and therefore I started weaning him. He is now on 3 meals a day a pudding and about 28ozs of milk now. As long as she is having something then I would see it as a step forward from before hun! xxxx
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