Cheap reliable 7 seaters!?

Hey Girls,

well me and my OH have a big car each (nothing flash) - in all honesty we don't need two he works down the road and we've shared before when he was between cars for a few weeks and actually were quite good at giving it to who ever needs it the most rather than thinking of our own wants.

I have a baby and another on the way - also we'd like more in the future, and I do take my mum and auntie out quite a bit both elderly so really just one small car wouldn't meet our needs.

We don't want to spend a fortune (lol if only we had one!!) but really sell both our cars and add a bit extra to get a decentish second hand 7 seater - were not really fussed on brands or makes just one that will be a good runner (as much as you can hope for) and things to look for or avoid as we have no ideas about bigger cars.

I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions? or if anyone would say to look out for - i.e a big enough boot as we'll have a double buggy ect.. things you notice once you have the bigger family..

we were thinking something like a ford Galaxy.. what do you think? lol as I'm a bit clue less really! x

p.s were looking to spend between 2- 3 thou x


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