I have just popped on for a quick catch up with todays goings on and the first thing I see is all the "newbies" posts! Instead of feeding them, please can we all do what I did - had a good giggle and ignored them!!!! Hopefully then BE will get back to normal! xxx


  • and if Katies Vanity had not been so overwhelming perhaps she would not have spawned more than the one troll so that they don't need your responses when then have each other xxx
  • but what you are doing is making people feel sorry for katie - so really what you are trying to achieve is having the opposite effect - bit silly really arent you??
  • Ack, I really don't care. The double standards on here are amazing. Whole threads where people say how they wouldn't couldn't be so horrible and at the same time swearing and being quite bullying yourself. This goes out to anyone who got bullied by Kate and the crones. I'm sure thats a higher percentile of readers than writers.
  • I dont care if katies here or not and Im no bully but I think you and your troll friends are. No double standards on my part. I was never rude to katie.
  • We are all fine thanks for asking hun!!!! Hows you all doing? xxx
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