How did you loose weight

Hi girls, My LO will be three and a half months old this week and I thought that it was about time I made more of an effort now to loose the last bit of pregnancy weight. I know that some people are not bothered but I have always been quite slim and being that extra bit heavier is really starting to get me down.

I only put on just under two stone in pregnancy and now have half a stone to loose as everything else seemed to come off straight away. My question really is what did you do to loose the weight? Did you go to slimming clubs, just cut things out at home and/or exercise and what sort of exercise when you have a baby in tow!!

Any advice welcome!


  • I like yourself have always been slim and I also only gianed 2 stone. I have reahced my pre baby weight by cutting back on unhealthy snacks and running. I love to run, and am lucky enough to live in a place where I can put Jacob in his buggy and just go for a run! He loves it too, once in the pram he sleeps whilst I exercise!

    I am still working on toning my belly though, still trying to make it what it was but these things don't happen over night!

    Staceylou and Jacob
    10weeks and 5 days
  • I put 3 stone on during pregnancy and still had 1 1/2 to lose after lo was born. I go to WeightWatchers but then I am a bit biased as I work as a WeightWatchers leader.

    The only thing I would say is that the saying about 9 months on and 9 months off is true. It will obviously depend on how much you've got to lose but it's not easy when you've got a lo.
  • i did weight watchers too still doing it got about 8lb to go have lost 20lb image
  • i only put on 7lb whilst pregnant and lizzie was 8lb 9oz so i came out lighter than pre pregnancy weight but i have been doing sw and lizzie is now 5 months and im almost 2 stone lighter han pre pregnancy and have a stone to target!
  • i put on 3 stone during my pregnancy so had about 2 to loose after, at about 15 weeks past section i started zumba and at 20 weeks past i have just started hips bums and tums too loads of fun! i just dont have the will power to do it at home although i do have the davins post pregnancy workout dvd which is good!
  • Is there a Buggy Fit class near you? I have been going for a couple of months now and they are really fun and obviously the trainer is qualified in post natal exercise so depending on how long ago you gave birth she'll vary the exercises slightly (stomach ones mainly). I have also heard of a similar thing called Pushy Mums but I've no experience of these.
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