Astro-Turf lawns?

Does anyone on here have false grass in their gardens? We need to sort ours out - we live in a new build and the gardens have been treated like crap by the contractors.... Summer's coming and it would be nice to get out there with lo but atm it isn't very child friendly

We thought of the false stuff, rung a few numbers out the phonebook but people seem against it? I would be interested in anyones experiences of it or we dig it all up and start again....


  • Woman after my OH's heart! We looked into astroturf a couple of years ago for our garden as OH got shocking hayfever and literally couldn't sit outside, let alone cut the grass! We spoke to a local garden design company who came out and quoted for us. Seems they're getting more requests for it than ever before. Ended up being way too expensive for our budget plus the docs finally relented and gave OH a steroid jab to see him through the summer so he's now able (willing is a different story!) to mow the lawns.
  • Hi,

    We have fake grass and its the best thing we ever did. Low maintenance and looks lovely all year round. It was expensive but it lasts a good 10 yrs. We paid ??700 and we dont have a massive garden. We also have decking and concrete slabs.

    We got if from the artificial lawn company (

    i will upload a pic to show you what it looks like
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