No Idea what i'm doing-Pls help!

Ok so i started weaning my Son a month ago it was going well got him up to 3 meals a day it was fine. Then i think he started to get a bit of cold and maybe has gone off his food.
Im breastfeeding him and find it hard to work out when he's hungry now that im weaning im so used to giving him my breast rather then food and so when i think hes hungry and try to give him food he refuses it.
Also not sure of the routine of milk then food or food then milk he manages about 1 meal a day 2 if im lucky, he's also waking up more in the night too.
Please advise me just cant seem to get it right at all. AARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!


  • I havent started yet but didnt want to r&r. How old is your son now? Think some of the girls on here have said their LOs only started having 3 meals a day from around 8 months? I have no idea to be honest and am already panicking. Hope someone has some more helpful advice than I do. xxx
  • oh right i was using a hipp weaning chart for some advice and it says by week 4 he should be on 3 meals a day- im bit confused now!
  • ok i dont think its working for us at all
  • ok, Cameron is 5 n half months and is on 3 meals now. but he's slightly off his milk so im going to drop one meal i think until he's at least 6 months. at the mo he has a bottle on waking, breaky an hour later, a bottle at mid day, and a meal too. then a bottle at tea time, and a meal (which i will be dropping to see if he will have some more milk at bedtime) then a bottle before bed.
    i would try offering the breast 1st, then food after a short break. then when weanings better established move it to food and then the breast.
    hope this helps, everyone does it different cos every baby's different, you just gotta find your mojo! :0)
  • I started weaning my lo a few weeks ago and she is also bf. I give her a milk feed around 12ish then food an hour later. In the evening I give her food at 6pm, she's ually had a milk feed at 5pm and she has her bedtime feed at 7.30ish. She was 16 weeks when I started and moved from 1 meal to 2 at the weekend - 19 weeks. I think I will introduce a morning feed soon.

    How old is he? I have found that my milk comes out more quickly now (can result in her coughing, bless her) and is meant to be more filling so I find her milk feeds are much quicker then they used to be.

  • He's 5 months on saturday i reckon i have been trying to feed him too much. Need to take it a bit slower, Do u think Babies get bored of food, cause now he wont take his banana cereal. What do you guys give your LO for breakfast??
  • when i started weaning evie just before 6m, i would go like this;

    6am- bf
    8am- breakfast (porridge or puree fruit with baby rice

    gradually added anothermeal so by wk 4

    1pm-lunch (fruit/veg puree)
    5pm-dinner (chicken/veg) = yog
    7pm-bf and bed

    meals started just a few spoons each time and gradually increased.
    she is now 31wks and has 3meals and 1 pud, only really has bf during day to top up and longer feed at bedtime,
    i would try something new and go back to banana cereal in a few days, if lo still wont eat it maybe he just dosnt like it. evie wouldnt have the apricot breakfast and still wont. xxx
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