Slow cookers

Anyone got one? Are they any good?

I got my sis one for Xmas as she asked for one (she likes to do a ham over Xmas). She said it's best ham she ever tasted and she's cooked a few things in it since and told me to get one.

So asking you ladies what you think so I get a broader spectrum so to speak.

I do like the idea of one as I could put it on and leave it to cook whilst looking after lo so I'm not standing over hob etc. But don't want to waste my money (well oh's money!) on something I might use once then gather dust at back of kitchen cupboard.

Also if you do have one what do you cook in it (that you can also give to lo as a meal)?

Ta x


  • hi
    you can cook alomost anything in a slow cooker stews ,roast etc ive got one im just too lazy to use it lol claire
  • i love my slow cooker, when hayden has gone to bed i brown off some meat or chicken, put it in the coker with some frozen casarole veg seasoning and water to level of food and put it on slow over night. i love waking up to the smell of it mmmmm yum, so easy and ready for tea the next day.
  • Hi,
    We got one as a wedding gift and I love ours. When I was out working I used to lob some veg, diced meat and a bit of sauce (packet or stock) and when we got home it would be ready with a bit of mash and yorkshires!
    Never thought to use it for ham. We did one over Crimbo too on the hob and it was delicious but it would be easier in a slow cooker. Could you borrow your sisters to try it out before you buy one? Just an idea. x
  • i love mine!! i found loads of recipes on tinternet for things to chuck in and made very yummy food!

    so so easy to use! and the smell when you walk through the door from a hard day at work is great! yum yum
  • I love mine, infact it is out ready for tomorrow morning to be filled with the ingredients for chili con carne! So handy, wack the stuff in before I go to work and when I get home there is less hassle when it's teatime. I got a recipe book free when I got mine.
  • I love mine too - make stews then 20 mins before I serve throw in some dumplings, sooo good but sooo fattening lol. Do Chicken casserole, sausage casserole, chilli con carne and spaghetti bolognese in mine but am gonna take the advice of others and try and get more ideas from the internet.

    My friend pot roasts in hers but I have yet to try it.

    The only problem I have is my DH sticks a spoon in and nicks it before hes meant to, he wouldnt do that if they were in the oven!!

    Just remembered - have made a brill rice pudding in it too!

    Is it really any wonder I am struggling to lose the weight??

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  • Lovely! & makes the meat really tender! GET ONE! x
  • I got one from tesco last week it was only 12.97 brushed stainless steel, not used it yet but had one before and it was great.
  • I used mine last night, we did a curry in it - was lovely!
  • i might be being a bit thick here, but is it safe to leave on overnight or while you are out?
    i'd never heard of slow cookers before coming on here!!
  • I've got one & love it, i've also got a recipie book for it and it has loads of different stuff you ca do with it xxx
  • Oh you have all convinced me to get one too now! I saw a thing on Lorraine Kelly the other day about them and it seems so easy to do.

    Just one Q, are they easy to clean? i hate things that you have to take apart to clean!!
    1st baby, where did you get the recipe book from?
  • I have one, i have had it years. The best way to do ham is put about 2 inches of water in and leave it on low for a few hours mmmmmmm. You can even do jacket spud in it. Wrap them in tin foil (prick them first like normal), put them in the slow cooker and ad a couple of inches of water. Pop them in the oven for ten minutes to crisp them when they are done.

    They are really easy to lean cos you just pull the ceramic pot part out thats all that need cleaning. i got some recipe books from amazon.

    Also they are fine to leave when you are out as they are basically just a ceramic pot inside a metal case that warms it. Just make sure you put in enough water. I leave mine on when i go out all the time.
  • i love mine i got it free from gratten a couple of years ago, i couldnt live with out the thing now
  • I love my slowcooker I make loads in mine - curries, chillis, bolognese, goulash, casseroles/ stews etc
  • Well I think you've all convinced me to get one!
  • lol just wanted to add that u have all convinced me too!!even better ive asked my mum to get me one for my birthday this month...(jeez you know ur getting older when you ask for a slow cooker!!)
    Will be great to walk through the door and its all ready,also can make stews ect,as nice and healthy and filling,something i probably wouldnt do without a slow cooker! cheers ccbmommy for starting this thread x
  • Benjismummy is so nice when you get home from work esp when its cold and you can smell it. Stops us from having so many takeaways too cos its all ready.
  • Glad you're getting one, I use mine everyday for dinner. I love it! You can buy pretty rubbish meat as it makes it gorgeously tender, especially lamb and beef. They usually come with a recipe book, but you can make your own up after a while. My fave is morroccan lamb, and a joint of lamb with garlic, rosemary and wine. Yummy. Haven't attempted a pudding yet but apparently you can. xxx
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