any advise on poo (sorry!!)

Hello my 10 week old's poo has changed normally it would be yellow and soft but now it is a dark green and fairly sloppy but not runny but not how it used to be!! any ideas what it could be?

Thanks amie x


  • it could be a colic? I was always told that if babies poo was green they had an upset tummy, maybe check it out with your hv? x
  • Hiya, I s he bf?If a poo is green it generally means they are getting too much fore milk. Try keeping him on the same boob til it is completely empty.and then offering the same boob first at the next feed. x
  • oh, i didn't know that mouenose, that is good to know, ta x
  • My lo is breastfed and before weaning it used to be all colours of the rainbow! It was usually yellow - i came to the conclusion that if it was green it was probably something i was eating that was making it that colour but i never figured out what! xx
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