green poop!!!

A poo question!!

By LO is 11 weeks old and exclusively breastfed. Last night she had what looked like green poop in her nappy and the same again this afternoon, although when wiping her bum it is yellow poop coming away?

I'm having a wee panic as her nappy seems green and I know that can mean she's not getting enough hindmilk - she is still settling 3 hours between feeds, quite happy in herself- well as happy as she can be!! She only feeds for a maximum of 10mins she refuses to take anymore, I always offer her more after her nappy change but she's never interested.

Could it be a tummy bug or is the nappy deceiving me as when I wipe it's yellow??

Can't believe I'm stressed over poo! Should I only be worrying if the poo on her bum is green?? It's not happened before so I'm very confused and concerned!

My HV are on holiday till Tuesday so I have no-one to ask apart form you ladies!



  • forgot to say it still smells sweet too!!
  • there are lots of reasons for green poo inluding too much milk, not enough milk, teething, colds, tummy bugs, intolerances/food allergies etc etc etc

    if ur concerned speak to ur hv, although they usually don't mind green poo aslong as baby is showing a healthy weight gain

    hth xx
  • call NHS direct just incase. Check temp (digital, under arm thermom) first!

    Em x
  • My lo is also ebf and when she was that age she was always having green poos and yellow poos and many shades in between. I mentioned it to hv and gp and they both said it was fine. If she is fine in herself then I wouldn't worry about it too much. Even now she is 24 weeks she still gets the occaisional green poo.
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