sleeping apart ?

Hi ladies

we have a constant 'issue' in our house, I can cope quite well on 4-5 hours sleep but my hubs cant and needs his full 8 hours or I get hell the next day. As a result one of us (me) sleeps in the same room as the baby whilst he gets a full nights sleep, also he's back in work so obv needs his sleep. Anyone else sleeping apart from their OH ??



  • Hi Sarah

    My OH is exactly the same, he is dreadful on less than 8 hours. He sleeps in the spare room a couple of nights a week to make sure that he is ready for work. Roslyn is 8 months old now and we have been doing this for probably 7 months.

    Sandra x
  • we did this too although OH would always sleep in with us on a friday and saturday night. I used to go into the spare room and wake him up each morning and we would all snuggle in together. By about 4 months we were back in the same room as lo was sleeping until 5ish and then back off till 7.30am.
  • We did it in early weeks, hubby during week in spare room and me at wkend. Helped us catch up on much needed sleep and to be honest I slept better without hubby at time as his snoring kept me up as sleeping lighter listening for baby. Also meant i didn't have to creep so much when lo woke up. xxx
  • Hi I did this for the first 3 months. From that point, my baby has slept in her own room and I have the baby monitor by my side of the bed. I've always woken if she needs me but my husband can sleep through it!
  • Thanks ladies, its nice to know we aren't the only ones. Thats the only thing we argue about !! At the moment as he is off for 21 days i'm doing 10-4 with the baby, then he does 4-9 so at least we both get sleep. When he starts sleeping through better then we will re-evaluate. I feel so crap as I know he should be in a better routine and be sleeping in his moses in our room with us both in bed but it just hasn't worked out like that. Am sure it will get better although as we speak Tyler is quite happily watching the TV kicking away on his mat !!

  • don't feel crap hun! not every baby will click into a routine! xx
  • Yup, we do it too and we both love it!
    We both adore space in bed and love having the odd night on our own!!! Hubby's tiredness builds up, so he has 1-2 nights in the spare room and he recovers well. Then I say I need a night off, so he takes the monitor to the spare room for me!
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