double buggy.....

can anyone recommend a good one?

my wee boy is 18months and i have jst had another baby.

my son is pretty sturdy and a lot of the ones i have looked at make him seem so cramped!

im also lookin for one that folds well as i only have a 3 door corsa (not the biggest of boot size!)

any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks

k x


  • i have a baby jogger city mini double pram and i love it,its very light and easy to push and it folds in two,i put my 2 year old son in it when we got it and they were still growing room

  • Do not get the firstwheels city twin - they are nothing but a pain.

    Cosatto Duos are great space wise as are phil & teds.

    Maclarens are great for stearing ect but are quite thin so you eldest LO might not be in it for long.

    The best thing to do is take them in a store and test the pushchairs out or pop along to the baby show coz they have demos there.

  • Ive got the Nipper 360 Double for my boys and, although theyre not here yet, I love it.

    Just hoping I love it as much when the boys are here!!

    Gemma and Double Blue Bump 32 + 6
  • I've got a Phil and Teds and I love it. The main seat is pretty huge, it's the only pushchair I know of that will take up to about 45lb (the average 5 year old) The second seat is smaller but your little lad would only be in there untill the baby was big enough to sit up, then they swop over. It doesn't fold up tiny but it fits easily in my BMW 1-series which doesn't have a very big boot so it should fit in a Corsa I think, mothercare are normally pretty good about letting you try it.
  • I've got the Mamas and Papas twin pulse. My twins are only little but there's plenty of room and it folds in an umbrellafold so not much bigger than a normal buggy, It fits in my escort with plenty of room to spare and cost ??245 xx
  • I have a phil and teds and love it, even my eldest who has just come up to five can hop into the seat if we have gone on an all day hike. We had the graco stadium, it was awful, spacious but it would have been easier to push the children around in a lorry.

  • I had the first wheels city twin, do not get it its nothing but a pain!
    Then I had the obaby XI, which is a cheap version of phil and teds and it was hideous to push, like pushing a dodgy shopping trolly but heavier.
    I now have a phil and teds dash which is a dream to push but does have quite a few flaws in my opinion.
    I've just bought a graco stadium dup for 30 quid off ebay because Lily fay (my 10 week old) has terrible reflux and needs to be more upright which isnt possible in phil and teds with Theo in toddler seat on top.
    But now worried after reading what hedgie said!
  • Carly, just to let you know that Barney went in the doubles seat in our Phil and Teds from about 11-12 weeks (although he is much bigger than Lily!) I undid the zips so the seat was reclined and put a head hugger in and he was fine, although it was mostly for short trips.
  • Bugger..already paid for graco on ebay! I thought they couldnt go in the double seat until 6 months? Lily fay is still really tiny.
  • Carlybarley you could always put your lo (with reflux) in the back seat with it fully reclined. I know it says not to put them itn it til there 6 months but with it reclined I think its fine as long as they have some head control. Livvy was in that seat by 3 months as she got too long for the bottom bit. Plus I think it's a bit boring for them to lie flat. Use a cozytoes/buggy liner to make it more comfy image
    And to answer the original question. I had 3 under 3.5!! So the Phil and Teds has been a lifesaver. I managed to get of 3 of mine on it and still do sometimes. My eldest is now 4.5 and Ive had it since she was born, so nearly 5 years now. It's still in great condition considering how often I use it and how old it is!! x x x x
  • I just thought she'd end up sliding down the bottom into a little ball! Shes still very tiny, only 10lb.
  • ha ha Bedhead I don't feel quite so bad knowing I was'nt the only one to use the second seat so early on!!!
    Carly you could just try it out hun and if shes too small and slips down then use a sling until shes a bit bigger? x x x x
  • Oh Bless her!! I guess you could always try her and see how she goes. I wasn't convinced Barney would be ok but he was being such a sod about lying down we didn't have much choice but to try it.
  • I don't know much about double buggies (only have one lo!) but my friend has a Phil and Teds for her 2 and it fits in the boot of her Yaris, which is tiny - she said it was the only one she could find which would
  • My graco came today and I actually really like it!
    30 quid well spent I think!
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